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  1. omg heavy... i g2g 2 that shop...looks like heaven:eek: :eek: :king: :king: :) :D
  2. Skinny


    ps. the pussy wagon.... WHAT A VEHICLE:eek:
  3. Skinny


    ^^^^:lol: yea.... when that cartoon bit finished, everyone in the cinema was silent...prolly thinkin HOLY SHIT..... heavy movie...:king:
  4. HOW DO I MAKE MY GIRL HAPPY? buy her a dildo.
  5. please dont post my wife:mad:
  6. tut tut...smoking is bad for your health http://forums.hiphopist.com/html//emoticons/nono.gif'>
  7. Skinny

    The 3D pages.

    Ciste heavy man..... 2 thumbs & a pinky up;)
  8. Skinny


    the drippy one = 2 thumbs up :king:
  9. Skinny


    how about shut the fuck up
  10. Skinny


    http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d706b3127cce8f4b0b67424e0000001610'> rize, i got rid of the line on the E, i think it looks better without it..what u think?:confused:
  11. roots manuva is the best uk artist imo fallacy is lyrically weak but he gets a crowd hyped
  12. all of them are dope especially the last one u gotta send me one of them mate gimme a shout on msn sumtime:D
  13. Skinny

    usps labels

    prolly from the post office u mite have to trade sum blank english royal mail orange ones with sumone in america for the usps ones
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