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  1. Scam


    hahaha fuck you all you fucking homofobes, i should come rape all your asses
  2. Scam


    i guess u just had that pic on ur computer for no apaernt reason :lol:
  3. Scam


    errrr..... ok.
  4. Scam


    Hey Im getting into mixing n im into happyhardcore n i was wondering if you guys out there would happen to know a good song i could use a acapela from ( more Preferably female vocals) thanks for ur help
  5. Scam

    pilot clothing

    hahah Lame, Atleast look over ur stupid shit b4 posting
  6. Shitty sketch n a paint thingo http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00386462f00000015.jpg'> Just a simple 2 min sketch i kno ima toy but go easy please Marvl- Onerhttp://www.fotango.com/p/eba00386462f00000016.jpg'>
  7. stoned Yesterday i was talking to CamS n i wanted to show him sum off my stuff, unfortunatly i was stoned n its way underpar for me sorry but here goes:http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400490117_001P.jpg'>
  8. Btw By the way for sum reason im wearing a sumbrero:cool:
  9. Sydney Ayo, Im From Sydney if any of u guys live here 2 hit me up on msn funk_it@hotmail.com :D
  10. Scam

    Thret Asc

    im his buddy :) Sorry about that dude, sweet sketches tho :crazy: i write ekspel or erase now peace-
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