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  1. Attention Juxtapoz shoppers: He's the next Neck Face!
  2. the one your talking about is old , i'm not sure who it was over, but he did a character he always does and the guy is gizzing on the otehr guys piece, with other insults written around the piece... sorry i also don't have the flick. Quoted post [/b] It was over a Kept piece. It was from 1995.
  3. ^^^He starts hanging out with Kept and BAM! he falls off.
  4. this shit is so clean, but i fucking hate b-boys.
  5. ^^^wow. i'm at a loss for words
  6. yup Quoted post oh please, MQ been killing shit before toys like skuf, spot, les or any of them other jockers even existed, the truth is they all jock MQ and thought they'd get "fame" from dissin him or tryin to take his old spots. dont hate the player, hate the game... all you jocks know how to do it yap about other peoples fame. you know you all jock MQ. Quoted post [/b] Actually, there's probably a reason why MQ got chased out of NY and everything he does there gets dissed in a day. Dude is the biggest hater out there and starts way too much shit. Even the flicks just posted are over people. Who's really the hater? From What I can tell MQ is jealous of anyone who shines. Besides he hides behind his crews too much. Way too much hype over this guy. It just shows the pitiful state of SF graf when when a trendy rich blow fiend with a weak throw and no pieceing skills gets jocked.
  7. sever, like all the arrogant fucks in that washed up crew tried to be a baby G and paint over whoever
  8. Or that it's pretty easy to beat the shit out of a short Mexican drunk when you have 5 of your friends kicking him in the eye.
  9. is cool, but not worth anything near the 20 bucks they're askin the way they make mags these days for 6 bucks, no way i'm buying that. it also seemes like it lacked original material. we know about all that
  10. wow. this guy is like totally in every way: a pig.
  11. pcf? old school? wtf? that crew is newer than the matrix dance. actually they should unite and be called UBC: united by cocaine. then every hipster from the mission to the tl to the western addition could kick it an peice.
  12. go back to sleep TOY//////get off the hipe dick rider :king: :king: Quoted post [/b] true, true. i heard v20 got hooked on some played out pill poppin and mommy and daddy are taking care of him now. just what i heard.
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