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  1. Attention Juxtapoz shoppers: He's the next Neck Face!
  2. the one your talking about is old , i'm not sure who it was over, but he did a character he always does and the guy is gizzing on the otehr guys piece, with other insults written around the piece... sorry i also don't have the flick. Quoted post [/b] It was over a Kept piece. It was from 1995.
  3. ^^^He starts hanging out with Kept and BAM! he falls off.
  4. this shit is so clean, but i fucking hate b-boys.
  5. ^^^wow. i'm at a loss for words
  6. sever, like all the arrogant fucks in that washed up crew tried to be a baby G and paint over whoever
  7. Or that it's pretty easy to beat the shit out of a short Mexican drunk when you have 5 of your friends kicking him in the eye.
  8. is cool, but not worth anything near the 20 bucks they're askin the way they make mags these days for 6 bucks, no way i'm buying that. it also seemes like it lacked original material. we know about all that
  9. wow. this guy is like totally in every way: a pig.
  10. pcf? old school? wtf? that crew is newer than the matrix dance. actually they should unite and be called UBC: united by cocaine. then every hipster from the mission to the tl to the western addition could kick it an peice.
  11. go back to sleep TOY//////get off the hipe dick rider :king: :king: Quoted post [/b] true, true. i heard v20 got hooked on some played out pill poppin and mommy and daddy are taking care of him now. just what i heard.
  12. i dint say they where as good as noah. just call like i see em. josh is straight biting, everything about his shit. grey used to more like 98-99, but threw in a euro/cartoon g in the front.
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