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  1. whats going on with the detroit graff video? I have been away from michigan but I still want to get my hands on a copy.
  2. where did all thies new names come from? did like half of detroit newbies change their name
  3. this shit sucks. I can paint better blind folded.
  4. "I demand respect" you got mine
  5. all this shit is fucking ill. hey MP2K I'm try to get back in contact wuth kus. I'm heding out to salt lake in a few days can anyone help me out?
  6. pop ups, what are you talking about?
  7. what do all of you think of this one?
  8. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00418672f00000069.jpg'>
  9. your trying to writhe sefa right? anyway thats what it looks like. the a is off balance and it dosn't flow with the rest of the piece.
  10. fix the a, I like the handstyle
  11. i'll agree konk is dope and needs to be in another thread. but why the hate angry kid did you make your girlfriend a lesbian or somthing? or do yo get pissed at seeing kids get better and your not or somthing.
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