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  1. i dont like how dlok is some fucking out of towner with no knowledge of the history of this city other than recycled bullshit hes read on the internet or over hears at writer parties. you have no say toy the only work you put in is on sound barriers north of seattle and north of seattle isnt seattle. propers to the people i see out here in the city on the daily doing there damn thing Fat Ass Sear One. ps. ereroner are you still out here???
  2. that was so witty i cant really respond.
  3. that character was done by bler ini
  4. IMC

    Ghetto Skum Bags

    Gusto and rouge hands from the u-d to the cd. hot etch on broadway cutty yows streaks from beacon hill to downtown. all that shit. seattle misses that shit.
  5. freewall flicks IMC my boy aerubs r kelly all of its banging. scrap heap show other crews love. washington i will say it once shut your mouth. achue puts in 10 times the street work you do! pay your dues instead of going home to snooze!
  6. big bumps for wastiod he will be missed! that lesson train is also quite hot. and we all know p be burning them! keep the flicks rollin. and oh yeah floe is a stright pimp so no wonder hes got sluts in front of fills!
  7. Korn is the man period! Fresh style. Good guy. Killed seattle!
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