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  1. Like i said, that flick is not the best example of what I was thinking about, just what I could pull up on hand. Overall it does look like crap, just trying to pull a shot like the side of the asylum door, spot just loaded with tags built up over time is all.
  2. Preach Bigdork. It all starts and ends with the tag! As you just eluded to, the importance and integrity of the Tag. Nothing I love more than doors packed full of tags. Grew up on that. Guess I was being a little harsh on their hands, I'm just a fan of handstyle aesthetic I suppose. Seriousness of the TAG! Not that these are All gems (these are loaded with regional gems) or beauties for example, but getting 20-30 different people at different points in time all naturally collaborating like this is awesome. Slowly built over time tag by tag. That's what makes any spot like this s
  3. Excluding Cevs and maybe the Blame - This is hands down the best description of what bad graffiti looks like.
  4. Elevating that lettering Vane'o
  5. That lawn furniture rich..
  6. This mystery buffer wants to get down like a writer, experience the thrill of a writer, understand the habits of a writer. OK Homie, cant wait till he experiences the consequences of buffing out other writers work - like a writer.. Especially taking out well seasoned tags... Welcome to the game Asshole. Hope he's reading this. Lock up you're dental visit now to keep your day job.
  7. Hope he gets caught up on.. haha. by one of those toys hes buffing.. sucks if hes taking out old timers though. Then well deserved. hope his next blog documents an ass whoppen.
  8. I actually really like that Blue/Pink Raket metal. good work duds..
  9. that first Jurne outline up top
  10. Sorry, guess I should have left a link to you're username..
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