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  1. :five-o: :five-o: :five-o: :five-o:
  2. dump truck shits get yours
  3. remember when your mother wasnt ugly?[attachmentid=21385][attachmentid=21386]
  4. a good idea factory on way to go street[attachmentid=21383][attachmentid=21384]
  5. you all do realize that the police read this shit and it is none of their business?
  6. so anyway i personally think that scabeater is noone to talk about not getting up or being a hater...........
  7. hey colour call me on the telephone to discuss some stuff..........werd em up..i dont like calling peoples home numbers
  8. DTSSGY whoever i was talking to about the meeting the other night should call me on the telephone....thank you
  9. ?????? ?? if anyone has a picture of the pieces that kow and vizie did in kansas city and would post them i would appreciate it. thank you
  10. hey buddy i will give the next person to actually put some pictures on this crap festival a dollar. i promise....assuming i don't hate you and then why would i give you anything.
  11. http://'> file:///Zip%20100/live_md12.jpg
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