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  1. i was 15 and got ran up on, i got my ass taken out, cop fuckin jumped on my back... i didnt think it was that big of a deal that cop had to fuckin jump on me, i got 82 hours of community service and they put me in this holding cell at the station with these old ass dudes takin my cigarettes and shit, they seen the outline in my pocket before i even got in the cell.they called the amtrack police bon the spot too thats what really gets you in shit, not even the cops but the railroad cops, my town dosnt have much graffiti and i had been bombin it lately so i showed them another piece on the car some toy shit i knew wouldnt have a record, they actually asked me about the "tageer that writes RECK allover town" haha wasnt very funny then, ive got friends that got caught with an zip and intent to sell that got farrrr less community service hours then i did.... thats fucked upp
  2. i believe u are correct...totem is atl... Quoted post [/b] brat, ouija, ges and im sure there are a few more that are from ct so its not a boston crew at all
  3. no flix from me but that jam was bangin, all fresh walls, montreal is the shit
  4. ctRECK


    wait till you all catch a flik of the latest and the greatest, another colaboration to add to the books, we gotta do this more
  5. ctRECK


    fuck that kid noum, people who actually "noum" know whats up, noum burns shit on walls, its obviouse from this thread he can burn shit at any style he wants, dope throwies, new and old, dope wild style, dope 3-d dope simples, good color sachemes and sense of color, and creativity on top of it... type R where you from? show us some of your pieces that are so tight? you better watch it cuz you obviously dont know whats up. noum lets get up this weekend if theres no snow.
  6. no... no love... i am all for "to each there own" but in this case i really cant even say that, the only thing it may take this guys is the nuts to do a rooftop like that, this takes no skill, it is not concidered graffiti , street art, or any type of reasonable form of expression, i am starting to wonder if he even does this stuff conciously or if he has some weird case of sleep walking where he draws worthless lines on stuff, its too pointless to even be concidered vandilism, im sure the people whos property was vandilised couldnt do more than laugh it off looking at this "stuff" on there property
  7. much needed thread, i love street art
  8. umbrella is back together, if anyone cares
  9. ctRECK


    still of all the pieces ive seen by noum, this one's definately the best, see if you kept those letter maybe added a little more depth to them, ten aded your space figures and perhaps a bangin ass color scheme like this one, and used lots of black like you used to, then that shit would be at its best. i love that "this" piece too, good style, huh people think you dont know how to rock panel style... i bet your better at it than them. noum, get at me when youve got some paint, ive found a nice indoor wall since ive been scopeing out legal walls RECK/KIE
  10. hmm never thought it out, but id have to say dillenger escape plan (43% burnt should agree, due to his user name), i think converge cuz they were one of the very few bands who could succesfully mix hardcore and grindy breakdowns without it sounding like adgeda. and bury your dead for (bruatlly) bringing together kids from all states to get together in a small room and get hurt, if youve seen them you know what i mean, i find most hardcore entirely to generic, so i seem to branch off (as you can see from my choices) into other parts and genre's of hardcore.
  11. post more... someone must have some
  12. 1. 1st punk/HC show attended? bury your dead,anterebae,fight night,and breathing proces.. people wonder how i am not scared to dance.. hah if only they knew 2. Last show attended? breathing process, anterebae, untold truth athousand falling skies arsonata... my first show was the last time anterebae came... thats really weird 3. Favorite punk/HC band ever? the # 12 looks like you 4. Are you straight-edge? How long? any sXe tattoos? no, i am highly ridiculed by friends for smokin buds and drinking... i do my own thing 5. Favorite era of punk/HC?ive only been going to shows for about a year and a half.. i hate new metal though 6. Favorite scene (time and location)? i liked it when all the boston kids came down to toads for every time i die 7. Worst scene? the new york kids trashing te local venue when full blown chaos played, 8. Most memorable show? probably that one 9. Biggest live disappointment! latest show anterebae played all these new songs nobody knew it wasnt fun to dance to 10. Best live punk/HC band? dillinger escape plan 11. Ever been in a band? no.. but i enjoy sing alongs 12. Best venue? wallingford vfw 13. Worst venue? waterbury vfw i fell off the stairs during ed gein 14. When exactly did Walter S. lose it? ? 15. Do you own a record player? no 16. Do you own any colored vinyl? no 17. Been to a "fest"? Which one(s)? yes it was the most brutal thing that has happened arounds here, broken windows, lots of cops, and exploding fire extinguishers... shallows and flats 18. circle pit? mosh? kick box? mosh... im small but whatever 19. Favorite punk/HC 'zines and/or websites? return to the pit.com .. lots of pics 20. Old enuff to remember the Krshna fad? nope 21. Young enuff to be part of the Christian trend? not a trend but a few good bands.. anah avia 22.a) Were you upset when Green Day signed to a major label? heh B) Jawbreaker? pft c) AFI? idc d) H2O? idc 23. Older vs. Newer? a)AFI idc B) Throwdown? good anytime c) Refused? idc d) Sick Of It All? good e) Converge? i did like the older better.. color me blood red.. but the new shit is still good, conduit kicks ass f) Hatebreed? never 24. How did you get into punk/HC? cousin i think this was made for people a little ahead of time, but whatver
  13. mp thrizzles and since there seems to be more of a oldschool hardcore fans on here you may be interested in march at empress ballroom (close to NY) in dabury ct there will be a 100 demons cd release party/show
  14. mp thrizzles and since there seems to be more of a oldschool hardcore fans on here you may be interested in march at empress ballroom (close to NY) in dabury ct there will be a 100 demons cd release party/show
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