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  1. Yo 7 cities you write Revok right? Or is it Taki-189? If either of those is you I've been seeing your shit around and frankly its amazing. How long have you been a king?
  2. Peep the Kepos fatcap action. Learn somethin'..ya herd. *insert cool ass motherfuckin emoticon shit here
  3. Bump Rusle outta VA. Bump Agent SWS, Ayem LTK. Bump Elmer, Paid, Cynic, Gasm. Bump Detroit.
  4. Shout outs to Dyke, UCME -doing work. Those two HOA murals on the last page are incredibly sick. Red burning up the block(s), props homie. Good to see Omega3 coming into his own. All you youngsters keep doing your thing. I like what I'm seeing.
  5. It never fails to amaze me how sick that Sunk wildstyle joint is. I always look at it and say..yup..and then I double take and actually look for the letters and that shit is gnarly. The color scheme!? Madness. It doesn't bring out the letters yet still somehow complements the whole; and the background wasn't even rolled. Definitely made it look easy...
  6. The other 1UP Crew. Sunk being buffed. Sweet wild style Sunk Ill spot And... The end.
  7. I like 'em guy. Thank you for your input though.
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