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  1. cetacean

    Paris Grime

    based on usa news the whole thing dosent make much sense if any parisians up in it can share some info it might help me to understand this
  2. cetacean

    Paris Grime

    why were the cops chasing the kids that got electrocuted?
  3. cetacean

    Amaze, Twist, Espo Thread

    damn these dudes are toys not as toy as futura though-
  4. cetacean

    The innovative style thread

    abel oner, 7zark7, sef romstar
  5. cetacean

    Who has the best throw-up

    Cope and Sef
  6. cetacean


    graffiti is as illegal as theft__what comes around goes around__you should feel complimented someone wants it enough to steal it
  7. cetacean

    R.I.P Mac Dre

  8. cetacean

    Sony Minidisc help

    usually there is an 'end' or 'end search' button that finds the end of the recorded material and then records after that. push that button right before you start recording. it should display the ammount of time recorded or remaining. you will have a few seconds before the md goes back to sleep to start record
  9. cetacean


    terrible movie. the only thing it has in common with the original is the title and the mall. another bullsit hollywood remake with nothing going for it. dont waste your cash, rent or rewatch the original....
  10. cetacean

    Most slept on writers in NYC

    how can you sleep on a writer? either you see it or you dont. or are yuo talking about in the gossip and sewing circles?
  11. cetacean


    jr high genius. likin the diff very pieces
  12. cetacean

    osaka japan

    http://www.medianetjapan.com/town/drama_art/flix/ /the best japanese graf site ive ever seen/ http://www.dahub.com.au/Links/country/japan.htm and i've seen a bunch of them
  13. cetacean

    king TIE

    high rollin http://www.graffiti.org/nyc/tie.gif'>
  14. cetacean

    Meeting Of Styles - NYC

    lemme see a better pic of the td4 wall, esp the meres piece