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  1. http://home.arcor.de/josie85/estaquick.jpg'> http://home.arcor.de/josie85/estadark.jpg'>
  2. wow i love the last one. hest, what kind of pens did you use on that one?
  3. great thread http://home.arcor.de/josie85/freiheit.jpg'>
  4. i love the nikes. and the chicks canvas too. anyway here's something i did... http://home.arcor.de/josie85/flaaaw.jpg'>
  5. i really like your work! this one is great too, i dig the y. i think you can do better e's than that one though. anyway, keep up the good work!
  6. for a friend... http://free.pages.at/graffjo/real.jpg'> @ jude - i love your work @ fuckedupafro - nice sketch too, i'm really feelin the fill-in
  7. josie

    femmes only

    ... http://free.pages.at/graffjo/carte.jpg'>
  8. damn damn cams, that sketch is hot! i also dig the name. my latest sketch... http://free.pages.at/graffjo/carte.jpg'>
  9. wowzee props to everyone who is contributing to this thread - it's sick as hell! my stuff does not match up to any of the stuff posted here but i thought i'd post it anyway. so here's my second but first graffiti related canvas (done with acrylic paint). i've posted it before in the "femmes only" thread but didn't really get any useful replies... so here we go again - constructive criticism welcome! http://free.pages.at/graffjo/artcut.JPG'>
  10. josie

    femmes only

    ...trying to keep this thread alive... since this thread is kinda dying i figured i had to post something. so here's my second - but first graffiti related - canvas i did using acrylic paint. comments welcome... i'll post some more sketches soon. http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid102/p5971833c3f979e3ba23a65342f45b44d/f9bd7271.jpg.orig.jpg'>
  11. josie


    i love that record!
  12. josie

    femmes only

    thanks for your comments, i really appreciate your help!
  13. josie

    femmes only

    k-otix rock! my latest sketch: http://free.pages.at/graffjo/kotixclear.jpg'> constructive criticism welcome :)
  14. josie

    femmes only

    @ nickel : keep practising, start off trying not to do anything too "wild" something quick i did today: http://free.pages.at/graffjo/abitur.jpg'> constructive criticism welcome!
  15. josie

    femmes only

    to phem, ekos and bondice: i love your stuff! i might post some of my sketches during the next couple o days though they aren't any good compared to your shit...
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