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  1. if you dont think things like tags or throw ups are worth it why are you even writing? I wish my city was more crushed with throw ups. People need to put in some work.
  2. when no one posts new fliks in metal heads after the first posts it becomes a struggle for who can be more on the nuts. "DOPE POST!":rolleyes:
  3. Erupto. the flik is real bad though, its just a fucked up angle
  4. ichabod E to Es are cool. They make me want to go out door to door with burning bags of poo. Ding - Dong! Big old bag of flaming Poo! One month until go time!
  5. Is this thread still active? Oh my god, close this bitch.:yuck:
  6. wasted a lot of time that I should have been studying with. Fuck opportunity costs. . . get me out of this place.
  7. I think its a weird if a girl introduces you to her ex(es). I know I don't want to meet any.:D
  8. cops lie about that shit all the time. . . specially if they're butt hurt about getting pushed around by someone. good luck
  9. There are colleges where 50%+ of the girls have STDs. . . . sluts:dazed:
  10. that show is savage. Kids get fucked up in that show. The host tries to get them more upset while he shows them the tapes of their girlfriends fucking around.:lol:
  11. I just had this conversation. I'd hit it.
  12. My third grade teacher told a girl that she was stupid because she was "a black". Girl left the school the next month
  13. Post the old ass Amaze is sf that MQ did a hundred tags in. That shit is Beef! I'll flik it in a bit if no one else does.
  14. I took a trip out to manhattan this summer, Facet is fucking up! its savage that girls are getting up that much. I can't understand it:confused: Girls around me are like "let's do stensils tonight at around ten" riggggght:lol:
  15. Re: ahh, history... what are you doing posting on this thread anyway? You ain't from the fo'-one-five. go back to the east bay thread. Watch what you say about bus hoppers- that shits dangerous!:dazed: Coma is kinging muni right now. Bump to this thread
  16. If you do graff you are a vandal- PERIOD! You fuck up public/private property for fame, personal satisfaction, or what ever other reason you give your self to keep getting up. Stop complaining about bad graff, neckface doesn't write to make you like him. Handle your beef on the street- go get up, or cross neckface out if you want. . . . Post some flics or this thread will die:(
  17. things i've seen in toronto now that im here. . . . NOTHING . . . fucker. . . close this thread:mad:
  18. ***edited*** that toy shit aint ridin in this thread.
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