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  1. Re: Re: GAY FAG HOMO ART ON THE MUTHA FUDGIN SREETS I think the dude was being a tad sarcastic, well thats the way i took it anyways and the way i hope it is fucking awesome paintings
  2. just like another big party, only more cops and more dickheads... ohhhhhh but the pussy:D
  3. thanks i just wasnt sure, usually i would try this sort of shit for myself but didnt want to risk getting busted, I think ill do what sneak said and just give the roll to someone else, thanks
  4. in jail for one marker tag on a sign?....ok
  5. What do you guys do about getting film developed at like 2 hour places? I dont have a digital camera and am interested in getting a couple of rolls developed, im just worried about if you have action shots ( even if there are no faces ) can they report the photos and send them in to the police or any sort of anti-graffiti enforcers? Any information would be greatly appreciated, Hope I put this in the right thread -decs
  6. ^ that guy in the above picture looks like eazy-e?... At the moment im riding the old school blank kewday deck, not like them new pumpkin head ones, destructo trucks, speed demon bearings ( never again im i buying these ice cream truck speed bearings) I will be getting an Element of a friend for $10 in a few days :D
  7. Atmsophere Binary Star Planet Asia Asheru and Blue Black Akrobatik Jedi Mind Tricks Murs Sage Francis Grouch Reflection Eternal I like a lot but im hitting bed.....lol catch you guys later
  8. decs


    That Ces outline is diggidy-dope
  9. Re: Girls are neat... thats ill man, im liking most of your shit, great work
  10. I have seen that death to the logo stencil up at Marochydore, is this an international propaganda mission?
  11. Dynospectrum is dope as fuck "Word is born!"
  12. lol my bad, she aint no one elses "yet", so i guess its still cool to call her that ;) "im watching you fucks, no funny buisness!" haha
  13. i dont give a fuck where i am or where i go, i just want to get back with my girl :(
  14. decs

    Two Reasons...

    http://www.mypage.tsn.cc/tworeasons/redesi...sign/enter.html I just finished the basics of my website, if you are interested in contributing photos and such or even if your not just take a peep. critisim is welcome :D im out
  15. decs

    power of the mind

    i dont know if this is revelvant to this thread but im going to post it anyways along side some of this other freaky shit, me and my friend sat down to use a ouija board once and after talking to this spirit for a while everything was cool, we where on the floor and the window behind us was open, there was no wind outside when all of a sudden this big gust came flying through and it was like the spirt flew right inbetween us, we both got real cold on the spot that it looked like she flew past we looked at each other and as you could probably guess......"Fuck man"
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