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  1. solid bro. i miss rival. i never cared about ups just paint to paint
  2. krazy i aint trying to blow up your head but i have better respect for you than a lot of kids starting out because you always try something different and fun thats what its about
  3. i made up a new letter of the alphabet
  4. he should of been out awhile ago. the gates guy is a proffesor at texas tech and is a friend of bush. he is suposably doing a study on reform in iraq and where to go form here type things. the democrats aren't going to be reversing everything. they are going to try and restore a lot of fundamental things to the working class people and make a serious plan for iraq and our position there. i wouldnt be suprised if certain tax credits are lifted. and more troops deployed for a larger effort in stablizing and relenquishing the country back to iraqi people
  5. bump i seen that shit. fuckn crazy yea and they said the election wasn't stollen. the most interesting part i saw was how minority neighborhoods had very few machines and they were forced to wait hours and stand in the rain. and suburban areas had more than enough machines and staff. so fucked up. even our local election had some lack of staff and ballots. some polls were opened late some closed eearly. irratating stuff
  6. IOU clinton was the one who didnt do anything about that. yumone it still was in the cause of religion my rotting liver we went in and it didnt work out how we thought. war doesn't go as planed. and when you have such a fucked up lack of a plan like we had, then it really isn't going to work out. like i said if anyone actually wants to make a difference besides just talking about it then VOTE
  7. should stop hunting bin laden too yea should just gather all world leaders who rape women and kill children. who torture people to death before they were suposed to face a firing squad. then we can sit in a circle and hold hands sing kumbya. do you think any of them would have mercy on you? sectarian violence will continue no matter what. conflict in the middle east has been going on since the days of Christ there have been more deaths in the name of religion than any other cause
  8. correction not voting does nothing. some interesting reading By CALVIN WOODWARD, Associated Press Writer Sun Nov 5, 12:31 PM ET WASHINGTON - Government of the people, by the people, will be missing a lot of people Election Day. ADVERTISEMENT It's a persistent riddle in a country that thinks of itself as the beacon of democracy. Why do so few share the light? Compare U.S. voting with foreign voting and it's not a pretty sight. Americans are less apt to vote than are people in other old democracies, in new ones, in dangerous places, dirt poor ones, freezing cold ones, stinking hot ones and highly dysfunctional ones. Even that theocratic "axis of evil," Iran, has bragging rights over the United States in this regard. So does chaotic Iraq, where an estimated 70 percent of voters cast ballots in December parliamentary elections. The pitched battle for control of the House and Senate in Tuesday's election has raised hope that voting will rise above its usual anemic levels. But competitive races are not reliable predictors of turnout and doubts exist about whether Republicans will be as fired up as Democrats and whether independents will vote with their feet or their seat. As in other aspects of American life, the people who run elections work to make things easier for everyone. Yet they achieve little more than blips in increased turnout, if that. Participation, paradoxically, is highest in states where making it to a polling station can be misery on a wintry day. Minnesota, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming are among states that lead the nation in getting voters out, and they put the Sunbelt to shame. About 40 percent of U.S. citizens of voting age population cast ballots in nonpresidential year elections. Despite the competitive nature of the 2000 presidential race and the certainty of having a new chief executive no matter who won, just more than half turned out. In 2004, a polarized year when everyone remembered the near dead heat four years earlier, turnout climbed over 60 percent — edging a little closer to the likes of Iran, Iceland and Somalia. Some of the best states for voter turnout have conveniences such as same-day registration. But it is their culture of civic engagement that is most credited for their relative success. The expansion of absentee voting in many states has yet to produce a clear spike in overall participation. Curtis Gans, who has been studying the riddle for three decades, says making voting easier does little to make people vote. "We know that it isn't procedure because we've constantly made procedure easier and voter turnout has gone down," he said. Nor is it demographics. The population today is more educated, older and less mobile than in the past — all things that should steer people to the voting booth. But that does not happen. Gans' diagnosis: lack of motivation. Blame the politicians, in part: _the attack campaigning casting the choice as one between bad and worse; _the lack of clearly defined choices on issues; _the string of deviousness or wrong turns over the years — "I am not a crook," "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," " Saddam Hussein ... continues to develop weapons of mass destruction." And blame people and their culture, too. "We've had the fragmenting and atomization of our society," Gans said, driven by the 500-channel TV culture, the interstate, strip malls, abandonment of farms and the rise of the Internet. "All of those things have undermined community." Gans is director of the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University. A recent AP-Pew poll looked at the 45 percent of the population that can be characterized as nonvoters because these people rarely vote even though most are registered. Most broadly, the poll found that nonvoters are not just disconnected from politics, but also from their communities. Nonvoters were less likely to trust others, to have a strong support network of friends and family or to know their neighbors than regular voters were. Among those who were unregistered, only 14 percent said it was complicated to register where they live. Most had not done so because they lacked the time, had not gotten around to it, had no confidence in politicians or just did not care. The United States lags about 130 countries in voter participation. Discount ones that enforce compulsory voting laws — fewer than a dozen — and America's standing hardly improves. ___ EDITOR'S NOTE — Trevor Tompson, manager of AP news surveys, contributed to this story.
  9. yea sape the sunis' who are saddams people are in a very rebelious state right now. most of the rest of the country seems to be celebrating though. i think iran is the biggest nuke threat. if we go after any one else it is going to be ugly as all hell the main european countires dont agree with the verdict and would rather see life in prison
  10. i don't think any of our "leaders" need to be hung. but they should be held acountable there really is so many variables. i dont want to get into it. main thing would be to vote on tuesday for the things that affect your comunity. but do your homework and dont believe the comercials you see like bob said time will tell its up to what history will show. we need more integrity in office where people will admit they are wrong. instead we get lied to about things that aren't important. at this point the middle east doesn't deserve our help. but there are danegerous people there. iran has a parade nation wide every saturday to rally against us in hate. i would hate to see more fighting on our soil because we couldnt dispose of the threats in that sector of the world.
  11. we did the same thing with castro and bin laden. and i have close people to me who are there and see things first hand so......
  12. when a country houses terrorist and supports them in there effort to abolish us. then yes it is our job to rid them of their power. because hitler didn't attack us should we of stayed out of WW2 and only of fought the pacific campaign? but why are so many efforts being taken away from afganistan? becuase the iraqi people are fucked up and cant take care of themselfs. iraq is the heart of the area the media portrays %76 of coverage in favor of the left. now there will be a big conspiracy about this trial before the mid term elections
  13. ah uncle you beat me to it. i guess in hawaii we still awake to get breaking news. my pops is there right now and told me about it deserves it for sure. the thing that concerns me is how the american media is going to spin it and exploit it
  14. Fuck that shit i live on oahu and their stupid plane reck shut down some of our beaches and fishing spots looks cheap and story line blows mystical bull shit
  15. yo newkon u aint no toy. ur fresh homie. "toy" label is how u cary urself and present ur work should go paint sometime. sorry never came thru on the studio... riez
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