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  1. hubba hideout! lol i broke myself many times skating... to the point where it retired me. im the proud owner of a titanium plate and 8 screws in my right leg... boooourns.
  2. Gentleman - Superior Soldiers Of Jah Army - Open My Eyes Soldiers Of Jah Army - Rasta Courage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwpU8cBZkw4 more S.O.J.A. - True Love whack video, dope song STEEL PULSE - Global Warning
  3. cockaroached from the MSK thread straight dope.
  4. u need to visit the 808 and do some damage
  5. jebus yall got high standards! lol love the old steez diggin the new ones too revok seems to just always be pushin for new styles, i got nothin but respect for that. 'Assholes Without Remorse' hahahahaha
  6. toooo crispy! one of my all time favs nice to see new stuff! cheee hooo
  7. rime pose freakin bananas
  8. im hopefully going to start taking mui thai classes this year.... but im going to skip the whole 'change into a man-girl' part. lol last year while in bali, i randomly ran into my freind from hawaii while walking around kuta looking for spots to paint. he was on his way to thailand to train mui thai and enter a tournement while there. the homie didnt know anyone there or where to go, he just picked up some books, saved his loot and went on the adventure. when i spoke to him back at home he said it was a success and a great time. he found a camp, trained with the locals and won a fight in an actual event. so if you're lookin to learn how or want to imerse yourself in the culture...get the loot together, some free time and just venture up there. id love to do something like that, but i got to much responsibilites here at home. ill just find a school down here, lol.
  9. lol word, karo made himself look like such a doosh on the show. im bummed joe lost, but florian is a really talented fighter i kinda want serra to win the remach.... but unless hes in top condition i dont think he can pull it off again. im stoked for the fights tho and i cant wait to watch BJ smash that midget sherk
  10. that old one is a gem, and that new one is hella frosty! as always..... mucho respect for Mr.Geser keep bringin the funk!
  11. fffffffffffffffffffffresh! dudes got some mega ill stuff. bump ENUF too, Our Mothers Tried!!
  12. great flicks p.o.z and Rats especially all those rooftop flicks ZEROS!!!
  13. fresh! ive never seen this one before, KATCH is the man cheee heee!!
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