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  1. i cant belive no one else finds that funny i couldnt stop laughing
  2. that looks like some one blew smoke infront of the lens
  3. conpe

    Tools of the trade

    i agree this thread is dope so many fresh markers
  4. some one asked for who else was up with the candy can2 here it is sorry for the length http://www.graffiti.org/escapism/images/145-08a.jpg'> taken from escapism
  5. conpe

    Bombing Or Murals??

    bombing is the bomb as with what has been said i agree with most of it pieces and shit were started with bombs what more do you want, what i hate is stupid little fucken 12 years olds thinking there top shit and just doing there shitty little tags all over the place fucken ugly as and they piss me off cause most of them are shit
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