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  1. ^ Ok everyone get ready to spark up this nise beef parade again! :lol: :laugh1: :lol:
  2. -this is one of the funniest fucking pages on 12oz! :haha: :haha: :cry: :haha: :cry: :haha: :haha:
  3. :smiles: :naughty: :smiles:
  4. ok i'll jack us a whip, when we goin? -I love all hoes cept for the ones that got bumps on their lips... :shook:
  5. LOL....I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT THAT PIC OF THAT DANCIN DUDE REMINDS ME OF ENEM EVERY TIME I LOOK AT IT. LOL....SILLY PIC!!! QK >>>> :king: Quoted post [/b] I jus do the ill boogie get down when I get spotted with my can of pabst... ...plus i beez black so I can get down like dat... -as the pic goes...
  6. Things are constantly changin' like John Street's henchmen... -Crooked Councilmen's finest...lmao
  7. If it is, i'm glad to see dame rolling dice... -that is if its the same kat who use to have his sig 'round my hood... -way back when. :spin2:
  8. dat buff is bufferific... :nut:
  9. I agree, and don't forget to mention kes n base...
  10. its about time kats posted some drope flix. drope u better blow the fuck up cuz. :naughty:
  11. my eyes got tobasco sauce in em lookin at these 2 last pages...
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