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  1. Word Ceito Lol, my name looks weird :crazy: ..Stomah hit me up via AIM
  2. BloodKlot actually has right to call me toy.. 6 years vs. 1 year and 3 months.. And to Splint, get off Skab's dick. And I now expect him to say something intelligent about that, but the point is, The last time I posted anything up was about 5 months ago, anyone who wants to see anything hit me up on AIM, fuck a image host, that's why PG is alot better than this board
  3. by the way, work on your S's, they look like 5's:p
  4. Then think what you want, all you're going to do is motivate me. When's the last time you seen shit from me? 6 months ago? yup, I haven't gotton any better after 6 months straight of practicing up and kickin' it with heads. And you're right, i'm not holdin' nothing, but I will, my time is coming soon. And i'm not even talking shit, you're the one who's talking the shit like you're fucking Cope. So, like I said, think what you wanna think, you're a no name nethead, i'm done with you, have a nice day. Sorry for bogging down this thread with shit talking, but I'm not gonna let arrogant shit talkers like him go. So, everything that had to be said is said, if you want to continue this hit me up somewhere else, NOT on this thread. -Solar
  5. Also, if you're talking about my city, go to the PureGraffiti forum, go to Wet Paint and check out the 60+ pages of PURE hotness of the Twin Citie$. We are birthplace to Ewok HM and Eros and the legendary AKB crew homie, fuck what you heard. Twin Cities have burners, and we aren't no punks. Peace to ISK and UC!
  6. Skab, There are no writers in the Twin Cities who write Solar. And I have yet to be crossed or punked, and i'm boys with one of the crews who fucking run the twin cities, I'm not down with them, but they're my boys. 2 of them got me into graff and none of them said shit about my name. Plus, you haven't seen shit from me, so you wouldn't know. And I know you're not trying to start beef, and net beef is stupid, I don't like it, but i'm not gonna quit writing what i've been writing just because someone doesn't like it. This is the internet, i don't give a fuck what anyone thinks, if it was in the city, maybe i'd care. Peace, -ONE of the Solar's.. Solar Oner
  7. Hecz, Where's them stickers knucka!??! hit me up homie peeace. ~Solar
  8. Solar ONE

    The 3D pages.

    So..Noum..wanna hook a sweep mafioso up as you did Shor? eh? lol..it'd be appreciated if you did, if not it's alll good. I'm trying 3d shit now and I'm just trying basic letters with different 3d and shapes... Peace to all the crazy hotness on here. Also, net beef is stupid, Noum just said he painted his own shit, Type R is the type of writer who wants to keep his name a secret, as we all do, and he took what Noum said the wrong way. So, peace to both of you, and hopefully this shit can end soon..
  9. No shame in that, i'm sorry man, I was having a bad ass day...You got dope skills man, keep it up and hit me up.. if you got AIM my sn is o0lilant0o or my e-mail is SOLARgeONEr@aol.com .. Same goes to you face ^^^ Peace!~ --Solar Breaker 1-9 9-11 0 1 witness...make some noise if you get this...
  10. Did I say he was whack? No, he's got skills, I won't deny that. I'm just stating my opinion about them posers at JNCO, and if you don't like it go fuck yourself. Mad props to Biek though, it's nice to see some new shit. And before you talk shit online realize who you're saying it to. Fuck net beef, it's non ediable and retarded. Solar the Kontroller is off the motherfucking CHAIN GANG! :lol: Peace to them ISKrushers.
  11. delete me ..fuck... delete this thread..
  12. God's Bathroom Floor... Trying to find a balance... Shhh.... and alot, alot more... Twin Cities Rhymesayers Reprefuckingsent!
  13. Music... And it helps when you like stuff from every genre except country and gospel... give me my conscious hip hop and some rock and i'll be all good.. I could really care less about the internet.. TV is for my favorite soap operas such as Young and the Restless.. but if I had to pick, it'd be music...
  14. JNCO is for pussy toys! :mad: boo to JNCO :(
  15. Forreal. Hecz is VERY generous, and ya'll can't deny that shit, and when you reach a certain level of skill and everybody is begging for stickers, of course he's gonna be busy. People like him and Dork have long ass waiting lists for everybody, so just wait your turn and don't start beef about it. And also, Hecz is just trying to reduce the level of talking and make the flicks top priority, and when people argue about stupid shit (yes, for those with minds like mind, this post is stupid shit and it can be edited upon request) it bogs down the thread. So just post stickers and take your arguments else where, start a new thread somewhere else. Thank you for your time.
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