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  1. drisl_one


    unfortunately you got some pretty dull letters for rockin' hands. Not saying your style's dull, just the letters you chose for a name. Not that that's a bad thing. The O-N-E is workin' aiight, i'd def work on the "M" though. The roughness on the streaks either indicates to me you are moving your marker too slow or you are just using a shit marker. I'd keep it flowing at a good speed. Being that your letters are kind of prone to be boring, i'd try keeping some flares off your "E" at the end, leave the other letters simple & then tie in some accents like the squiggly exclamation point you did up there in the pink. Some style that offsets the simplicity of the letters...not too shabs tho!
  2. Speakin' on Oil, I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I say the more the merrier on keepin his name riding. I broke out the pen in respect.
  3. You were born in a meadow of dicks
  4. Tell me that's not fucking Comic Sans on that Kieran Hoohar steamboat tattoo...looks cool other than that
  5. First & foremost, bump that mutha'fuckin' Basho wall up there. And 2nd'ly - You're absolutely right!!! You aren't in the right part of town. And speaking of TOY, I pulled these from your "Dan The Butcher" Flickr site. Please, defend them. That pig is straight treacherous homie. Straight treacherous. I'd rather look at the black paint underneath it than that swine. I dont even KNOW where to begin on you. That handstyle looks like someone trying to piss in the snow. And that "SAC" up there look like Michael J. Fox post-parkinson's trying to rock a throwie on a good day. Straight gasface.
  6. My blackbook from last year.
  7. Zeus/TSK/408 are you on here lurkin' the 904?
  8. Hey IBgenius! Welcome to 12oz & even more importantly: Welcome to the Jacksonville Thread. Sit back, learn a thing or 2, network w/a bunch of people who don't know you, be sure to ask if anyone is "Down To Paint" or "where the fresh spots are" But don't just stop here, make sure to visit the other threads too where you can find a whole TON of MSK styles to bite off of. But wait, there's more!! Once you get a little comfortable w/the people here, go ahead & run your mouth to them inbetween working on your shit hand styles & playing World of Warcraft eventho most of them have been painting since you were watching Power Rangers, or whatever 90's shit you grew up on. And if you're an art fag w/no can control, there's a ton of "street art" threads where you can go jerk off to Banksy stencils that are "oh so ironic" & "way deeper than graffiti" Make sure you got ALL the tools & essentials you'll need from places like "bombing science" cuz EVERYONE needs a $9 can of paint to make their REALLY shitty throws look like just "shitty" throws. And lastly, make sure you change your moniker at least 4 times a year because eventually you'll realize how toy you are & not want to admit that yes, that was you...what was I thinking?! I'm waaaayyy more advanced than that now & a fresh start is just what you need! Why practice in a chill spot or work on your letters in a blackbook when you can just work that shit out in the streets? Good luck! and enjoy the threads!
  9. You mean that MORSE / BASH production wasn't done by just one person? I coulda...swore....that...meh nevermind....
  10. alot of Kenny Banya types chattin' out their turd cutters...
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