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  1. what all together? :haha: :haha: :haha:
  2. dunno why, its fuckin horrible and s crappy
  3. they hardly smashed it have they? fuckin :clown2: s something nicked off hyb, vaer, brs
  4. tatws


    many members have four digits on the scoreboard... Quoted post [/b] I'd say loads of them have, and bearing in mind there's over a hundred members easily that's a hell of a lot of steel! :king:
  5. :haha: :haha: :haha: haha, bump him up tho, always spot his damage on trains on my uk travels even if he's one of them celts!
  6. story by the american jeloe about a european subway mission: (nicked from somewhere) jeloe: There are so many crazy experiences and close and not so close calls I have had over the years. There is one that happened recently that I still think was the most crazy thus far. The stakes were very high in this mission and if we got caught we were fucked. Like, really fucked. It was on a mission to do a subway. I was with a few kids who really knew the transit system inside and out. One of the kids was really schooled on the tunnels there and spent a lot of his free time just wandering through them looking for shit to get into. He had every key to every door and knew the deal inside and out. It was dumping snow outside and he told me and 2 other kids to wait on the street for him out in front of a business. Next to this business was a door facing the street disguised to blend into the landscape with no signs or anything else to indicate what was behind it. Anyway he told us to stand there for 20 minutes and he would be back. We waited the 20 minutes and there was no sign of him. We decided to wait another 10 minutes. Sure enough about 5 minutes later we heard a knock on the other side of the door to which we knocked back. The door opened and it was this kid covered in tunnel grime. He hurried us inside and slammed the door. It was fuckin crazy inside there. We had walked into a gigantic warehouse used to hold some of the massive power generators used to power the whole system. It was totally lit up and had cameras watching every inch of the place. We put on ski masks and started to walk towards a dark hallway. On the way there was a security door left open by the last guard on duty. The kids I was with went inside and started raiding the file cabinets getting maps to the tunnels and layups along with schematics to all the trains in use. I was shitting my pants cause this shit was straight up criminal. I could see myself on the security monitor wearing a ski mask. I thought to myself "when the fuck did graff get so serious?" Either way it was dope and I was down to finish what we came to do. They all loaded their finds up into their bags and we bounced back towards the hallway. As we got further down the walls became cave-like and much smaller to the point where we had to hunch down as the lights got dimmer and dimmer. After walking for about 5 minutes we came to a large metal staircase that was behind a metal gate that looked like traditional jail cell doors. I was wondering how we were going to get to it when the one kid pulled out a key ring he jacked from a driver one day as the driver came out of an office in a station. I thought that was so fresh. So we start down the staircase and after about 10 steps we heard a door slam shut and footsteps start. We hauled ass back up the steps trying to be quiet as every noise echoed and we didn’t want whoever it was to know we were there. Soon the footsteps below turned into a whole group of people with flashlights and they were speaking loudly in a language I didn't understand. I thought for sure we were fucked. The guys I was with motioned for me to come into a dark room we came across earlier. We all hid our bags full of paint inside of an old storage locker that was in the room and then hid ourselves in the dark of the room. The guys coming were workers who were working in some part of the tunnel. I figured out that there were tunnels behind the tunnels for people to walk along while doing maintenance on the system. Luckily they walked past us and just kept going. They were only like 15 feet away from us as they passed and I was shitting bricks. After they passed I was ready to break the fuck out but the guys I had come with said we were still going to do it. Honestly I wanted to go but I just shut up and followed them. We got up, got our bags and went back down the stairs. Once down like 5 flights we got to another crazy room that was filled with wires all over the walls with power grids and control panels complete with emergency stop switches and alarms with lights everywhere. We could hear voices down the hall and decided to push forward anyway just trying to be as quiet as possible. We came up on a door that was cracked about half an inch and when we peeked into it the train tunnels were on the other side. The voices we heard were the transit guards complete with guns, batons and attack-trained German Shepherds. We very quietly made our way past the door and down about another 50 feet. At this point there was a dead end in our tunnel with another door to the left. The door had it’s handle broken out. I was told that the handle was the reason we had to wait on the street for a half an hour earlier. The kid who left us earlier went into the tunnels from the station with a set of tools and broke the handle off of the door before the security shift started so we could come out into the tunnel later undetected. These dudes had their shit down. On the other side of the door there was about 5 strings of trains sitting in the tunnel in an underground lay-up. We sat there in dead silence for over an hour just watching the guards 50-60 feet away on the platform. They sat there on their cell phones blabbing away to whoever was on the other end in a language I didn't understand. The guard on our side began to pace with his mini automatic gun slung over his shoulder with its strap and his attack dog that was on a leash. As he turned his back the kid who broke the door opened it slightly and motioned for us all to quickly and quietly exit into the tunnel and hide in-between the strings of trains. We all did with me going last as reluctant as could be. The guard walked the length of the platform and posted on the far side of it from where we were. We quietly picked a panel each and I was told to paint my piece in no more than 10 minutes. I was done in about 7 and then sat waiting while they finished. I was hoping the guard or his dog wouldn't see us. The dog was trained not to jump on the tracks because of the 3rd rail so I thought at least we had that working for us. We all finished and bounced out undetected. We made our way out of the tunnel and back into the maze of tunnels that led to the door on the sidewalk. We booked through there and made our way out back to the street. We then had about 2 hours before the trains started back up again so we could get flicks of it running in the station. I went straight for the nearest liquor store and got some brand of whiskey I had never heard of and chugged the whole half pint in two big gulps. I was so on edge. I needed it. Then we walked about 2 miles to kill time and to get as far away as possible. We came to another station on the same line and decided to go into this one to get pics. The one kid used his keys to get into the station as it was still opening up for the first run. Once we were in the station we just laid on the benches and tried to blend into the bums who spent the night there away from the cold. After about 30 minutes we heard the first train coming, which was ours. We got our cameras ready and when it pulled into the station we flicked it as many times as possible before the driver shut the doors and pulled it out of the station. I remember her glaring at me as if to say "fuck you, you fuckin punks. I KNOW it was you guys!" As soon as the next train came we got onto it and rode it into the next station where there were several special police there with machine guns wearing fatigues looking dead fuckin serious. I was told by the guys I was with they were there to investigate the graff to figure out how it was done. I think they were more interested to figure out how we got in so they could seal it off for terrorist reasons. I was freaking the fuck out. Anyway, to finally end this story we got our pics and nothing happened to us. Even though we got away with it, it was still the craziest graff related experience I have ever been a part of.
  7. yeah caught some dels damage on south central yesterday. looks like they had a good xmas, especially if the info about all the dogging is correct. jokers :king:
  8. Nice van above. My bird emailed me earlier saying there was an article about graf in a bristol newspaper, any info on this?
  9. You cant fuck with that^. Kegr is off the hook :king:
  10. oh forgot to say on my trip back london from west spotted a blatted thamesturbop thought it might have said gavin. that's six things rolling in 2and a half hours... :king: why fuck gavin? anymore flicks to go with that?
  11. went to swansea to see the inlaws for xmas. train back day after boxing saw a couple things. yrp/ncf fronts running past me between cardiff and bristol on arriva. also end to end on 2 car train in temple meeds but not by the same lot looked like young writers having a go. Then swindon saw another 2 car wessex with some more yrp and also chok stuff on it. also clocked some damage in the eurostar depot looked like sb/wsc or similar dubs.Then caught some fronts on the bakerloo at paddington maybe sb again?. nice productive trip :innocent:
  12. I haveto say, that this is also true in a place like London, where if your seen vandalising anything especially trains then someone will inform the police. I lived in america for a few years, was working a lot, but decided i couldnt leave with out at least painting a few cleans. Managed to do a couple in nyc and also in chicago. At the time these were the hardest missions i'd done, but thren i moved to Europe. First stop was Barcelona, it was crazy. No one gives a fuck if you tag in front of them. Family's walking tracks to get into stations without paying. But that was my mistake it looked easy. When it came to the commuter/ subway shit was different, and I ended up getting beaten by a security guard on the subway and fined. Next stop was London, this was the opposite of crazy, lots of police on the streets and lots of visible and invisible security measures to guard their trains. 10ft high razor topped fences equipped with tremor sensors, security guards, motion sensors, infra red cctv and reecently pressure pads. At first i thought it was impossible, but shit gets done, a lot. Stuff runs, but not for long, and this is only because so much gets done and the vandal squad and cleaners cant cope with protecting such a big system and they cant cope. Recently someone got sent down for 3 and a half years for tagging commuter trains in london...thats harsh. Managed to paint a few tubes but they were all backjumps and to be honest werent that hard, and ran for a couple of hours, but the yards never had the balls knowledge to have a go. But then also in europe yoiu have rome, meant to be quite hard with guards with guns and writers have been shot, but then on the other hand the subway doesnt get buffed, you just get taken out by locals. Europe is a continent and every country is different, thats all i have to say. peace
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