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  1. yea, fuckit. im arguin with idiots who make less sense. jade and them other dudes did get up RIGHT, theres few good bombers in houston history and i wont argue with that. just cause these new dudes do illegal shit dont mean theyre tight writers. its still wack and they should probably quit. i like lookin at bombs and i'll go out and do an illegal everyonce in a while but i'll make sure its done correct and not wack even if its straight letters. your homies never had to justify what they did cause they knew it was done right. these new dudes need to stop tryin to downplay pieceing just cause th
  2. enough of this mumbo jumbo, i dont have a camera so i cant post flicks of shit , someone post some flicks, this is getting stupid.
  3. most fools i know that dont bomb alot are more down than the bombers ive met. theres alot of pussy ass bombers when it comes down to doin some real illegal shit.
  4. the gayest part about that is most of these bombers think that bombing means you have big nuts. why dont they have the nuts to say piecing is pussy like when theyre in a piecers face instead of shakin their hands? i aint sayin mine, i dont give a fuck about graff or associating with any writer other than crew and homies in other crews but i know it happens alot in our stupid local scene. same shit as if some outta towner with piecing fame would come through, those same fools wouldnt even know how to stop dickriding. thats the real pussy shit. besides, dont judge the nuts by not choosing to bom
  5. im just kidding, i dont even know what you write. but i am ignorant.
  6. well usually if i think your shits wack..its because i cant find anything good to say either because your a biter, you have a terrible style, you need can control, etc. if you dont like what i say, ignore it, and go on living your ignorant ass life. Quoted post or cause your only style is arial fonts in some stupid site that lets idiots state their opinions about graffiti.
  7. besides, i started off with fats. i didnt start painting by buying my paint and practicing piecing in my backyard. i stole shit before paint so i stole my paint and only had fats and i wasnt gonna paint on my own shit. i know that to get up you gotta bomb. also, ofcourse we take offense, its like saying, "that fool dimesack (whatever he writes), he needs to stop painting, its the same shit everytime and he sucks cause he cant piece." youre gonna take offense cause its what you do. maybe it aint tkb thats makin excuses to bomb, can you even piece? and i aint sayin no simple ass train style piec
  8. wow. you people really just dont get it do you?? its either someones ego, or just stupidity that gets in the way of your common sense. everytime someone gives some critism to someone, yall always take it as an attack of your abilities. on one hand you have TKB, all pretty good at piecing. your problem is you dont really get up. and then you talk shit like your the fucking kings of houston. ARE YOU THE ONLY ONES WHO WRITE IN HOUSTON THAT HAVE KIDS?? maybe you should stop finding excuses and just go paint. oh yes, koder, nobody here was making the rules..its basics of graffiti. to get up, you ha
  9. those mfk kids kill shit, im in the mood for some timber.
  10. that somber's fuckin hard.
  11. lets go shoot at cars and bar brawl, fuck graff.
  12. i aint backin no one up, just my 2cents. if you take offense fuckit, suck it up.
  13. i paint the same walls when i do paint too.. and what ? fuckit. aint no one in houston a "real writer"... the niggas thatve been around for a while know what i mean. ive heard this shit from plenty so called real writers that flaked out long ago. seasonal shit, and theres plenty that have been here before me and will probably out live me in this shit. be all around and bomb and piece and king houston or whatever the fuck then talk. graff is stupid specially with a bunch of fools with no common sense tryin to make rules actin like theyve been in it long enough to do so. fuck that, you wanna be
  14. this shit is nice, just saw it. all 3 pieces look nice.
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