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Oprah Oner

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  1. Oprah Oner

    cops fucking haunt me. (sorta graff related)

    maybe you just suck at graffiti
  2. Oprah Oner


    you can't use the paint from hardware stores because it will come off when it rains. you have to use special spraytaggers "krink" give me 5 dollars and i'll tell you how to make this in$ane bomberz juice.
  3. Stupid graffiti is the best graffiti. I'd rather see "y@ybob420" or "jessica is stupidugly" than a lot of this other shit these days. Writing nonsense is fun, especially if you're wearing pants with rainbows on them.
  4. Oprah Oner

    help mapo get a date

    I want to see a picture of these girls. I'm sure everyone else does too. I know damn well they have them and you need to get them and post them.
  5. Oprah Oner

    help mapo get a date

    What you need to do is stop being a pussy. Stop trying to make plans with her because she will keep blowing you off and you will sit there and be sad and eat ice cream and watch Oprah reruns all day. Fuck that. Ignore her except for when you're calling her names and telling her you're having drunken sex with her sister. DO NOT buy her anything, unless its AIDS infected cupcakes. You're not even dating or close to it so buying her something is just ridiculous. She's not going to get you shit, and if she does it will be something really gay like a source magazine or shoe cleaner. You seriously just need to stop talking to both of those queers, what good has come from you talking to them? Nothing. Just stop all communications and give me five dollars. You will then be victorious is the game that is life.
  6. Oprah Oner

    products that you forgot about...

    acid wash jeans, jean jackets, and so on.
  7. Oprah Oner


    I will sell you mine for one small arabian child.
  8. Oprah Oner

    Just click on it

    iced out g33k
  9. Oprah Oner

    My neighbors are having very, very loud sex right now.

    You should see what kind of effect blasting different types of music has on them. Try pumping out all the sick tunes from bands like Wham! or Master P.
  10. Oprah Oner

    turkey gravy flavored soda

    that shits for big fat weirdos
  11. Oprah Oner


    Killing people is so much more fun, plus it helps keep the poplulation under control. If we didn't kill people, there would probably be a lot of assholes running around eating out of trashcans and shit. fuck that. killing black people is the best, why? because they can run much faster than any other race and sometimes they throw things at you so thats always fun. i ate waffles(breakfast food) for dinner tonight, i am a rebel!
  12. Oprah Oner


    what a queer.
  13. Oprah Oner

    Viva La Bam

    compton ass terry=badass
  14. Oprah Oner

    What's in your headphones rotation?

    mf doom- special herbs vol. 1-3 american nightmare-background music rockwell-somebody's watching me micheal bolton- death sax annihilation 5000
  15. Oprah Oner

    designer shit

    i only wear clothes that look old and dirty but really aren't, if you really wear clothes from years ago then youre a dirty commie bastard