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  1. You can't. Just leave it and it'll get closed.
  2. You hit the wrong button bro.
  3. http://pic2.picturetrail.com/VOL40/1729190/3323768/40766990.jpg'>
  4. Man, take it to the "does krave talk to born?" thread. This is Strictly Espo.
  5. That just rocked the fuck out.
  6. http://www.djladytribe.com/images/graffiti_radio5_pop.jpg'>
  7. Evil Dee

    bear vs. shark

    I could've quoted pretty much all the rest of your posts to tie in with my comment, all your posts about your click of mexicanos and crips and whatever, but this is all i need. I don't know how it is in cali, but in my parts and every other part of the world i've been to, real motherfuckers, dudes that've done time, that've shot, stabbed, killed, raped, dealt drugs, whatever, they don't brag about their shit. The real staunch niggas are the quiet ones, the ones that don't go shooting their mouths off about who they've killed or how much time they've done. And in every single circumstance where i've met dudes like that, this has always been true. Only bitches and liars talk themselves up. I'm not calling you a bitch or a liar, i'm just pointing out that this is the way it is. Evil Dee/Waiting for the hate.
  8. http://www.fashion-planet.com/sept98/features/reflections/fullshow/img/08.jpg'> Versace for my girl.
  9. http://pic8.picturetrail.com/VOL260/1637926/3141757/38502150.jpg'> Not my photo.
  10. I think you would've def been the weiner of that fight. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  11. You really are an idiot. I was merely stating that i have 2 pieces for breakfast. I was also saying that only australians can truly appreciate vegemite. I must've mispelled that and accidentally written "I'M MORE AUSTRALIAN THAN YOU". Whoopsy daisy.
  12. I have 2 pieces. But it's definitely an acquired taste. You have to be Australian to reeeeally appreciate it's greatness.
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