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  1. gRaFF is back...back from jail..:king:
  2. Paint is Paint You Idiot.:lol:
  3. This thread sux as much as my bitch....:eek: :eek:
  4. "I just rather sk8 Vans"-Geoff Rowley I just use my Vans and some sox..wow what a hard thing to use:king:
  5. Yo..WHo kny bud CoMiK weNT to Mexico for a vacation or somehing like that.He said e seen some made shit from this one krew called SNK or something lke that..he said theyhd fat caps that spray a fatnness of about 10 iN.Thats fuckin crazy..they were getting rooftops with no access to it:eek: :eek:
  6. HaHaHaHa:lol: :king: :lol: :king:
  7. Yeah..so what you write scenic
  8. I wanna rob someone:idea:
  9. HaHa I was skatin with CoMiK from the ol GK now known as GS..Ghtto Shit or whatever...after I was nosesliding some shit he's all "guess what you know Hugh(Tune or Cartune) frm CWK??"I was all "yeah"...He got robbed by Acer and Does...I was like "what?"..Hes allthe stole his chain,his cell phone like almost an ounce from him..they had a knife to his throat and everything..." thats fuckin scary:lol:
  10. When I first started writting..I always thought that YPN ment Youth Punk Niggaz.but i acually is Your Property next..GK is through also..we got a mad profile And now whereevr hey see a GK piece they immedeatly go to SaMe or Feds house and ask...Oh and BSR ran up on COMIK and MATE/Dark with ak's I think Komik said....
  11. Yeah but were starting to get up more and more everyday because we go out farther ech night....:king: :king: :king: :king:
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