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Everything posted by southburna

  1. DAAAAYYYUUUM good fucking thread!!!!!!
  2. I miss pilots and magnum 44 tags
  3. OOOOh ooooh yeah .. uuuuuuugggghhhh machine ....... let me see it !!!!!
  4. Too fresh .. too clean .. I heard he has a huge cock!!!! and all the montrose scenesters love it
  5. I know a few people that are stuck in the 90's and they swear theyre fresher than every writer in Htown!
  6. I dont understand.. So the box cars are painting nowadays ?
  7. Fucking cyborg android response..RISER!!!! nerd!
  8. AWEE MAN so i take it you dont like Weahs animals/creatures either ?
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA DO it like berny!
  10. the Machine by All White Jury, on Flickr Cens Machete Center Street by All White Jury, on Flickr Machine Silver by All White Jury, on Flickr
  11. A little bit of shameless self promotion DSC_0034 by colors.oner, on Flickr DSC_0039 by colors.oner, on Flickr Peep the Invicible "C'" hahaha yall niggas cant C me! MAAAYYYNE im too crunk right now!!!!! Coler DTS RTDK - Houston Graffiti by I-SEEN-IT RubenS, on Flickr Coler Brok Vague WOF by All White Jury, on Flickr
  12. I dont know about the MVP award but i know whos getting the MAS PUTO award of 2010 !!!!! Theres a long list of niggs
  13. Love that yahu.. True writer! :cool:
  14. Hey everyone i need everyone to come paint my warehouse for free and im gonna shine off it and get thousands of gigs for it maybe even come out on the news and make a big even about ME and live fat forever! but you get nothing! not even a pat on the back! Ok maybe ill include you all in one big mural thats paying ME a shit load of money *i said ME !dont worry ill buy you lunch like a dirty wetback cheap laborer! Then im gonna post my expensive purchases for material shit your hard work is paying me off!
  15. Halfhearted graffiti is where its at ! Everyone, you guys are doing an allright job .. i mean its ok but its good enough for the internet world to see! congratulations you all get the mediocre award it comes written in your own shitty handstyle!
  16. Damn skum you sounded gangster as hell bro.. You been watchin belly? My favorite part was "ODK hard way all day" Good one ... IM gonna use that one, one day!
  17. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: fuck yeah! this is usually what i think right before i post
  18. Your on a roll lately..........and the girl on the ball ....yeeeeahhhhhhh! Im sorry what were yu talking about? lol!!!
  19. Hahahahaha!!!! Would you slap yourself hard or soft? good point! guess i shouldve doen the same thing! :scrambled::scrambled::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::scrambled::scrambled::scrambled: ZING!!!!!!! Is that why pilot got in FX ?
  20. OOOH thats lovely!!!! howd you take a picture of your camera ? lol ... nice spot ..
  21. honestly who gives a fuck ... both them niggas were promoting for rsk wether they like it or not ..That is the real winner!!
  22. WHAT YOU MEAN LEGAL BATTLES ARENT BATTLES? LOL! P.S The "LOL.." Comment was classic .. I wish there was a Like button!!!!!
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