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  1. You guys have pretty handwriting! reminds me of this girl i used to fuck!
  2. Most people that say that lack skill to paint so painting fast n shitty explains theyre hatred towards legals ....A exceptional writer is well rounded and doesnt complain Legals ,illegals , throw ups hand styles, sketches, burners , and characters , productions ! ........ Name one writer that has all these skills and ill show u a master of the art! .. !
  3. AAAAAhh it wasnt anything personal homeboy nothing against that kid i just dont get why everyone loves mediocre graffiti and the true quality shit gets overlooked ..
  4. Durign the pride parade i walked outside the shop and seen a float with that Sue lovell trick .. i guess shes gay ? with her pussy eating short haired vest wearing dirt bike riding i want to clean up graffiti ass!
  5. that cursive two handed def threats is the business!
  6. The fact that they came to texas is nice , On some real shit homeboy that piece is fucking wack i can wipe my ass and it would look better than that .. Im tired of everyone jocking these niggas who paint scenester style pieces because your lame excuse of being an exclusive bomber ... Being a bomber doesnt mean you have to suck at piecing look at revok he bombs he doesnt suck .. look at your boy sept hes a bomber and his piece looks like drunk white girl sorority dog shit! REAL TALK ! So next time you go doubting my interest and opinions recognize what your backing up...... just because someone bombs doesnt automatically give them the street cred they deserve .... Floe and his crew are out bombing everyone is giving them shit for trying .. this fuck tard comes here from probably austin and your on his jock !
  7. Please give credit where credit is due!!!!!! and Quit hating that SEPT looks like a retarded kid with long eyelids and short arms did it ... This machine is the business! ...What does a Myobatrachus gouldi have to do with graffiti ? hahahah that shits funny a frog ? really good find though thanks for the flick!
  8. Look at that FUCKING MULTI COLORED OUT AURA! NOOOOMBRE BRO! Its insane ! mad props to Machine this piece gets the Mas Mamalon burner of the year award!
  9. Snug ,quit acting snotty I sent you a message...hit me up
  10. Maybe your mom was beefing with some neighborhood kids n toldem she never heard of etons or shef? Maybe your mom is a hard core bomber n went out with etoms n shef and they were kicking it at the convinient store drinking 40's and they got carried away and tagged her bumper ...I don't know just random speculations
  11. Bump that bumper! :D lol ....... Plus Its a fucking KIA those cars are like cereal box toys .. let it go that just how the game goes .... I doubt Shef and etoms kick it ..
  12. Man..... That 86 looks booty!
  13. What ya youngsters know bout that 2much trouble back when we rode around bustin heads at these punk ass wanna b gangsters. The days where u throw your hood up at niggas u didn't know ... Now a days niggas throw they're shit up as a joke or for they're myspace flick ....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzjCu50U844&feature=youtube_gdata
  14. Dude 12oz SHOULD be called shameful self promotion.com ya nigga do yallscollection thing man just say fuck 12oz n do you, lil niggs
  15. You boys keep doing you ..... You all have a ton of potential just put down the egos and let the games begin steer away from 12oz. And don't make friends with other writers but your crew ... This way yu can say at the end you did it all on your own! Good luck Signed, The oh gee ..C ..... Dts stk rtdk
  16. Hahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Gettem!
  17. Why the lol......graffiti IS a useless hobby... I fucking hate graffiti because of THIS nagging ass shit plus that comment sound to be either your being sarcastic or complimenting..either way why bring my name into it like were friends.
  18. Whoah.... I highly doubt Howie is anywhere near toy ! That little vat is thrower in my book.. He gets up a lot .... Quit hating
  19. I like that black floe throw up !
  20. ^^^^^ Ego's got houston on lockdown!
  21. I wanna see pics of this weak "c" extension P.s i thought rail junkie was nv .. Hmmmmm
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