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  1. NAPOleon<---


    http://www.blkhearts.com <---
  2. Fr8 GangsterS.....prae with the UPFE status.
  3. NAPOleon<---


    when you coming back to cleveland? (this is prae's dude.)
  4. DEASSSSSS NUTTTSSSSS/....haha big deas rockin it.
  5. No doubt. Yo hit my email up sometime. I wanna walk around downtown with u sometime, see the tricks of the trade to hit every single electrical box in cleveland like u do. haha..holler back homie..payce.
  6. I hrt you arys rocker. haha.
  7. My man Moe rock with the KILLER steeeeeezzzzzzs....HOLLA.
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