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  1. looks like someone went over someone else... ;)
  2. Check out www.graffinc.com and the FEATURE part of it becuase its a section dedicated to the late HEIST, rest in peace!
  3. <font size="2" face="arial">EXPECT MORE UPDATES MORE OFTEN!!!! GRAFFINC.COM NOW HAS AN ON-LINE STORE!!! -'some of the best priced graffiti supplies' <a href="http://www.graffinc.com/"> JUST UPDATED!!!</a>
  4. that first ONOROK is sooo old, damn
  5. there are some real sick shit that seem to never get benched... hope this thread doenst stop!
  6. <font size="3">HEY, graffinc.com jus opened up its store to the public on the internet and we are offering some of the best prices for graffiti supplies out there... <FONT COLOR="yellow">CAPS, DVDS, MAGAZINES, MARKERS.. </font> be sure to check it out at <a href="http://www.graffinc.com/sales.html">http://www.graffinc.com/sales.html </img></a> hope to see your business... peace till then... Graff Inc Crew www.graffinc.com having an update soon... get your flix in now!!!
  7. all that wasted metal :cry2: :yuck:
  8. i did find that REO... just gotta flik it now... :yuck:
  9. JAPAN SIGH that SIGH on the BNSF is dooooope
  10. HA! a whole car... haha... fresh post homey..
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