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Feäà m3

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  1. Feäà m3

    its all darkness.....

    "I'm with stupid" is just taking the cake. That shit gets an "A" for creativity.
  2. Feäà m3

    my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

    I hate that fucking song!!!
  3. Feäà m3

    Hand of Doom Tribute - Legal wholecar

    You EURO fags never seize to amaze me. Just when I thought I couldn't hate EURO TRASH anymore than I do, they go and pull some FAG ASS shit like this. Good Job Guys!
  4. Feäà m3

    Men at work

    Pretty small post for the notorious heat bringing I-Patch! But HOTNESS none the less!
  5. Feäà m3

    <<<<<<<PATENT PENDING>>>>>>>

    Re: FROM THE SIDELINE FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!! I mean this shit just keeps getting better. Oh man! Where will this end??? Crews getting hyped on other crews on some real beef shit over this place??? Whats wrong with the way that sounds? Think about shit! This is where shit will get twisted. No more spanish soaps for me when I got 12 oz. (Oh wait, I still need my spanish soaps cause them chicks is mad hot yo!) FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!
  6. Feäà m3

    <<<<<<<PATENT PENDING>>>>>>>

    GOD DAMN IT! Who needs TV when you got this shit. Fuck everyone. Fuck em all!!! Shit is just getting way to personal and out of hand. Just pop off some caps in they ass and they wont be posting shit "like they were proud!". Them pics are gay as fuck. Don't know much about any of yall but those pics got "FAG" written all over em!
  7. Feäà m3

    In case you forgot...

  8. Feäà m3


    As I was stroking mr. johnson in left and mouse in right, I realized I may be comitting a crime. They are probably under age aint they?? WOooo WOOooooooooo!!! More! More!
  9. Feäà m3


  10. Feäà m3


  11. Feäà m3


    First of all this "BOI" thing sounds like some little 12 year old asian aol chat whore "azn bad BOI, looking for azn good gurl". Second of all, how in the fuck.... no no.... why in the fuck would you post some white piece of shit looking like he walked straight out of TRL, tagging if you dont want them to think it was you? E-Tuff?? hmmmm?.... Now if that doesn't take the cake for fagness, I don't know what does Mr. Clay Aikins!
  12. Feäà m3

    ~what more can I say?~

    Josh: Hey mom look at what retarded little Timmy did again! Mom: What now, did he eat his excrement again? Josh: No, this time he smeared it all over these trains!
  13. Feäà m3

    Hiding serial numbers when posting flix!?!?

    Now I am not knocking this site, cause beleive you me, I do enjoy it here, but... they (the man) monitor sites like these constantly. They use these type of sites as their number one resource for info. No I am sure you all know that already. Only bit of info I can contribute to this is... "try and frequent as many different yards as possible, as far away from you and each other as possible" Sure its not easy but if you plan on being a heavy hitter "better safe than sorry" applies here<-----
  14. Feäà m3

    Cn flats

    Some, but I have recently caught some with no clear intent of color matching. Now keep in mind, this spot gets more GVSR's than anything else, so it plays the odds of seeing them buffed.
  15. Feäà m3

    bc metal!!!!!

    No and then. NO AND THEN!!!!!