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  1. Joe Rogan, you can say what you want about Komas throw ups or whatever but thats just nit picky shit. But when somebody mentions Koma they know who you're talking about. Can you say that much about whatever your "alter ego" is? I doubt it. Just an observation.
  2. Why? Guys are gross as shit.....you dont want any of that mess. I look at myself and I'm disgusted but strangely turned on.
  3. well speaking of slingshots...... if your feeling destructive one night....go around your local city or what not and start taking shots at glass bus huts where all the homeless sleep.......shoot low and watch as the glass slowly crumbles.....also works with other large sheets of glass like storefronts......but I wouldnt know anything about that stuff
  4. WHy I like chicks panties...... There is just something about a girl in panties. It doesnt matter what kind well maybe not grandma's panties but you know what I am saying. They are also like trophies, if a girl has given you a pair of panties you have more than likely conquered her in the sack. I have been around a lot of colleges and a lot of laundry rooms in dorms so I have created a nice collection for myself. Just the thought of a girl going to get her laundry then realizing she doesnt have any panties is quite the satisfaction. I have a lot of thoughts about this but when it comes down to it....panties get to hang around the holiest of holies. The place where most guys want to be. Its all mental.
  5. Heres my 2 cents or whatever its worth... I live in the D.C area and things have been pretty crazy. I dont know how many of you live around here but its kind of hectic. The cops have been stopping every white box truck or white van they see. But people are actually scared and I have to admit I have found my self checking out and bracing myself when I white van strolls by but then I read something my friend wrote and it all put it in perspective. My friends and I talk about "giving the gift". "this gift can range from painting graffiti in the wide open when cars drive by and "giving the gift" to them of letting them see the act of graffiti." But this sniper has given people... "the gift of fear... when is the last time you've been really afraid or scared for your life? chances are never. we all chase it though, that's why we put ourselves in simulated fear environmnets such as horror movies, roller coasters, etc but no matter what we're never really scared because we know in the back of our minds were safe inside the theater, and we won't fall out of the roller coaster under the safety harnass." "well people, please wake up to the fact that we've all been "given the gift". this is the season of the dead(Halloween). this is what we all chase and now it's come true so please try to make the best of this and enjoy it." Not to make light of the severity of the whole situation but he has a point. "
  6. .............. I cant limit mine to one but the writers I would most be interested in meeting would be...... Twist Cap Cool Disco Dan Seen Tribe - That momma is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Damn the things I would do to her. Sorry you had to witness that. Well not really
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