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  1. Bump for that god damn COLT fo' five guranteed to lean ya man.
  2. Got to agree wit my dun Caze on that Mad ske..... Esc.Fec.Dst.Dromob.The Fam.Tns.Lv. Bump 4 that reup/Mako..kids aint forgot you man.
  3. Dope shit, but wheres thAt kid Crash everyones tellin me about?I heard hes cool as schitzos in ice boxes. FlauntinEveryCent fools!
  4. Wait a minute....Mr. B Im wondering if this is the Aesop Rock who once said " I float, when everyone around me is busy drowing, I float"?????????
  5. Even after the bombing, All I know Booster.......is that, THE FAM lives.
  6. I cant wait to smack Balto DSTstyleeee... And where the fukk is the Karock shit, i second DAWOOD. How the fukk he aint portrayed as bababababalto. He is in BA yu know
  7. To those who know me...and those who are fam.......Ive seen better! Hahahaha j/k Fukkerskes
  8. Dmn FEC grillin shit all along da east.... Smak, Crasher, Rona, Jader, cazer......we all crushin. But SMakEr is dopeness at its realist.
  9. dat Merlin iz ill yo....lol OHHHH SHIITTTT!
  10. Damn I love that Jader car.. Not to be concieded, but thats a greatly piece burner. SMAK IS KILLIN SHIT....damn duuny, cant wait to kill wit cha. CRASH is killah C....damn, FEC gettin some ups neggz.
  11. FECrew....Fame's Evil... Damn Smak, always poppin some crazy hand off. Definetly your own shitPeace dun, tell crasher and rona i said big up
  12. F-E-C...oh girl you nasty! Oh shit, im feelin that Crash and Aest.. But no doubt, that Other and Alone car takes the taco. Kwota crew killahs....
  13. Yo Relmske.... We all family here in VA, no doubt slayin shit DST style... The VA chronicalz.....Crimz, Jader, Makoe, and Zyon.. Peece to all our brothers..Thanks to KAROCK, for lettin us kikk it Balto styleeeee...Haha, bling bling OG. Dst is playin fo Keepz
  14. To Blah.. Im no fukkin toy/ Been in the game about five years ...I decided to start my own crew Called DPA.2 months ago Death.Procreation.Afterlife...but im also in more crews. Ever heard of *DST*? wit Karock(BA, Fly ID), Arek(BA), SMK(BA), Relm, Jase(BA, KSW), Jerk, Felon, SUPER! ***FSA****Mako, chose, kwote, kever...and the list goes on. *FEC*Crasher, Rona, cazer, smak, minor and the list goes on. LIke I said, post some fliks..then talk you shit. I dont spend my time on 12 oz, jerkin off to fr8 fliks. I like to keep my jerkin on the streets...from one writer to another...shouldnt you be doin your own shit? Worry about your own crews and their fam....killah
  15. An another thing to my pal Short BUS... I started that off with DPA/FEC....cause crash and rona are in my crew....DPA. I didnt mean to leave you out..but i posted my crew, not theirs. Sorry about that circus goin down around you. Bes wishes dunske.DeePeeAye in Vee Aye
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