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  1. thanks m8! really helped now its time to get workin on some sketches yo =P
  2. also since im new to posting how teh feck do you have it so that you dont see the links to sketches and can actually see the pic posted, the way it is now i have to log on to post, then if i want to see the pics i have to logout then find the thread and see the pics its very convoluted imo
  3. holy shit nice stack of sketches you posted SAZE!, felt like i was the only one posting shit the last few days good looking negriod! and omfg SHIN that majoras mask full page is fucking dopehotshitspithotfiremadcrackers yo!?! fuckin one of my favorite sketches youve ever made good shit! =D
  4. an old sketch i did hope you like the big booty bitch xD
  5. hey been lurkin the forums for a while now and decided to post some shit up heres a quick sketch i did for my sis's bday hope yall like and ive loved the shit ppl post on here esp mek,nover,alts you guys fuckin rock! says SHAE btw and heres an exchange i did with a friend named NES
  6. http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb/icons/icon5.gif'>
  7. I think he goes by "l0rd Ka0s". :lol:
  8. Your handstyles are getting better.
  9. Wow Ctrl+c + Ctrl+v!!!!!!!!! Shut the fuck up with this whining...... You're probably decked out in fubu anyways.
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