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bustr keaton

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  1. bustr keaton

    One Track Mind

    thats my favorite photo i have ever seen on 12oz.. thank you...
  2. bustr keaton

    It's called Hinkley Cold Storage

    He is out..you are out too..and i don't think i am in either... waitin for the life,, only a few more weeks..
  3. bustr keaton


    poison kills rome metros.. just kills it.. and that gas pannel is real nice..
  4. bustr keaton

    "Initial Five Years"

    great post,,, the notebook overshadows the freights... i should also mention that i hooked up with a girl named inez in germany,, i felt like tony... - dont be too derogatory. In the end it's easier to think about yourself than it is to think about Dignan.
  5. bustr keaton

    Tony Danza's first Metal Heads post

    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/tony-danza/unknown3dburnerswhitetrain.jpg'> left is C-lok and right is prolly cheeb, but could be zen..
  6. bustr keaton

    totem2 thread

    #1, totem constantly kills it.. #2, to onesecondple, if you read this,, your signature is wildly innapropriate...
  7. bustr keaton

    Passenger Trains...Flixx from allover

    to clear that up.. its falk and wisdm from toronto. more s-trains were done by them. and i also know of one other canadian who hit the s-trains, one of them was in hard2burn's latest issue.
  8. bustr keaton

    sweeping the clouds away

    i spotted those titties up front of a cn flat a few weeks back..
  9. bustr keaton

    Fact: The picture's not doin' it for me...

    im not as confident as i look.
  10. bustr keaton

    you dont give a $500 tip to the housekeeper

    rock hits car,,, "POINTLESS ACT,,,"
  11. bustr keaton

    G Shit...

    http://www.photodump.com/direct/BigKill/evokemoprgan.jpg'> nice flick,,
  12. bustr keaton

    dont say more toronto

    http://xhost.ca/~sp/coma-1.jpg'> this is mindblowing,,,,,, coma (or whatever that is) over MENT.............. the fuck outta here. kids best get taught...
  13. bustr keaton


    getting closer to the storytelling of art
  14. bustr keaton

    quiet old...

    i caught that couple two weeks ago..
  15. bustr keaton

    fukk.......im dead

    Dyme is good at painting, but bad at delivering cds to people...