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  1. thats my favorite photo i have ever seen on 12oz.. thank you...
  2. He is out..you are out too..and i don't think i am in either... waitin for the life,, only a few more weeks..
  3. poison kills rome metros.. just kills it.. and that gas pannel is real nice..
  4. great post,,, the notebook overshadows the freights... i should also mention that i hooked up with a girl named inez in germany,, i felt like tony... - dont be too derogatory. In the end it's easier to think about yourself than it is to think about Dignan.
  5. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v494/tony-danza/unknown3dburnerswhitetrain.jpg'> left is C-lok and right is prolly cheeb, but could be zen..
  6. #1, totem constantly kills it.. #2, to onesecondple, if you read this,, your signature is wildly innapropriate...
  7. to clear that up.. its falk and wisdm from toronto. more s-trains were done by them. and i also know of one other canadian who hit the s-trains, one of them was in hard2burn's latest issue.
  8. i spotted those titties up front of a cn flat a few weeks back..
  9. http://www.photodump.com/direct/BigKill/evokemoprgan.jpg'> nice flick,,
  10. http://xhost.ca/~sp/coma-1.jpg'> this is mindblowing,,,,,, coma (or whatever that is) over MENT.............. the fuck outta here. kids best get taught...
  11. getting closer to the storytelling of art
  12. i caught that couple two weeks ago..
  13. Dyme is good at painting, but bad at delivering cds to people...
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