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  1. :king: this acne is hard as fuck. grab the benzine.
  2. shit from a minute ago.. first ones from yesterday
  3. two new sketches i just did.. what do u guys think?
  4. this post is really somthing to look at and think about.. u have to realize the quicker u get this down. and understand the concept. the faster you will progress. remember, someone once said graffiti isnt all talent, its practice and concept.. i've been writing longer than my sign up date here.. takes time.. some ppl more than others, such as myself.
  5. second ones in pencil.. n pencil tends to be messy.. i realize theres mistakes in the 3d on the first one, i kept goin back over, and everyone knows what that leads to.. i like to stick to simples i dont really mess with nething crazy much. just have a thing for simples.. :love2:
  6. if i am correct i believe there was a recent ono down on the south wall.. although i think some fuckin retards dissed it.. ppl disgust me.
  7. fucked up the shadow on the 3d.. i liked the color scheme on this one tho.. wut do u guys think.. heres another one i did.. attempted to recreate the prior color scheme, but i gave up and just did somthin differant..
  8. sorry for picture quality, until i borrow a digital camera all i have to make use of is a webcam.. and its a shitty one. hoping to get some feedback on these though. thanks this image isnt showing so http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/5716/picture264vt.jpg
  9. uhhhh some of those may look good in paint but in pen it looks like a bunch of scribbled lines, certainly not letters Quoted post [/b] alright, i'm curious as hell.. who came up with the philly hand.. like an entire city, everyone pretty much represents with the same style, unlike nething you'll see in the world, unless you wanna be a smart shit and bring up differant languages appear differant.. blah blah so who came up with the philly hand.. who was the pioneer? sorry i'm just curious
  10. everyone thinks this thread is gonna close, this is hott shit, everyone keep posting right? Quoted post [/b] ehhh since i'm hear, the letters look kinda funky off that perspective on the d.. post more stuff.. i suggest more simples, for one its my oppinion, and two, i usually cant read crazy off the wall wild style stuff ne how.. besides, i always thought clean as simples burned sloppy wilds... neone else agree with me? :chicken:
  11. who said i was being tough? no one. i simply stated what i thought of your shit. theres no proportion, its sloppy and unstructured. anyway, here's some TOUGH GUY GRAFFITI of mine for you. Quoted post [/b] rize i thought that was you, why you gotta talk so much shit man. that shits pretty hott. its original. and i'm sorry but it's burning your simples. the same simples you've been doing forever. cut the kid a break.
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