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  1. There are free apps for your phone. I use a one time pay app called pocket casts because I preferred the usability and interface compared to the free options when I bought it how ever long ago.

  2. Many years ago I saw Louis CK. After the show I talked to him for a second and when the conversation was done he turned away, but I just stood there and thought about what a nice interaction that was. He soon turned around and was sort of surprised I was still there, he said "ok man, have a good one" at which point I realized I am a certain amount of aspergers, I don't know what the amount is, but it is definitely there. And I turned and left.


    I had been drinking but that's not really an excuse.



    Anyway - podcasts


    I listen to a shit ton, but my main shit right now are these -


    Citations Needed - Every episode the hosts dissect the way an idea is presented or torn down by the media and politicians. A recent one went into detail about how the US media tries to pit labor and climate activists against one another.


    Cum Town - It's a podcast where 3 guys call things gay and one of them does pretty good impressions. They also sometimes bastardize songs and make the lyrics about getting fucked in the ass or something. I'm not really proud of listening to it but it's sort of a palette cleanser. The fat one is actually pretty good at stand up.


    Darknet Diaries  - Stories about network and physical security and the people who break into those secure places.


    The Moth, Risk, This is Actually Happening, Snap Judgement - all 4 of these are true story telling podcasts. Moth and Risk are stories told in front of a live audience, Snap and Happening are usually edited with some music and small sound effects.




  3. Sitting here awkward because our cleaning lady just showed up and all i really wanted to do was play videogames, but now I have to act like I'm a contributing member of society.


    I don't even know why, honestly who cares if she judges me for playing videogames in my mid 30's. Obviously I care, but why do I care.


    The fuck is this. I guess I'll just draw.


    edit: I gotta take a shit now but that is another thing I don't feel comfortable doing while she is here.

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  4. Went too crazy with dead lifts and my lower back is sore. Had to sit out this week.


    Also about to go to Maui.


    Also lazy and ate a hamburger and fries today.



    I did recently sign up for a subscription to romwod which is an app or website that has a new 20ish minute video of yoga every day. its like 12 dollars a month. I'm liking it so far.

  5. Bro, my placement on that list shows I've spent wayyyyy too much time on this shit. Lol.


    edit: Pretty annoying that I wrote this after seeing the list, and 12oz God over here said essentially the same thing the post directly above mine. Always gotta be first, eh CALIgula?

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  6. How's everyone's fuckin brah lifestyle jiu jitsu journey going?


    I've been hitting a lot of kimuras lately (mainly because I've decided to go for kimuras from literally everywhere). It's actually opened up a lot more submissions for me. Highly recommended.


    Oss ya later.

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