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  1. this thread is too old.. damn... she passed away 10/13/02 RIP MOM
  2. im gonna be like everyone else, and go undercover with a diffrent name....... goooooooooooo me.
  3. damn im gonna have a 1000 in a few minutes :(
  4. ETHREADZNY hit up my aim- mizxs
  5. some times i have dreams im in the bathroom... and i whip out my penis and piss all over... put usually the covers are still above me so i just piss on them and it sucks.......:heated:
  6. god dammit, i guess i gets closed :(
  7. i hate shit like that, reminds me of a halloween witch book that i usta have
  8. i can type 43 wpm wh00p wh00p, i had to take a test for a job application. http://www.typingtest.com/ take it nigga, and post your wpm.. i wanna see how avg mine is
  9. some euro dude writes nak right?... bastard, i dont care im not changing my shit
  10. nice, i seen that espo truck yesterday
  11. cant get enuff of gambler that guy is illmatic
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