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  1. what the fuck, you people are still reading this bullshit? damn, the most intelectually unchallenged thread i have ever made, ever, goes more than one page while the rest wither in the blackhole of the lost and unoticed. and nobody but seeking gets it.... farewell forever you fucks....
  2. Im really sick and tired of looking at it. try something clever this time not just some link or a dumb "inspiring at the time" qoute. jesus....
  3. seeking, what did you think of my dads stuff? oh yeah and is there any good shows happening when i will be around? when will i be around? i dont know anything, my brain must not exist tonight.... smiking pot when you were nine?? thats whoa
  4. i generally am apealed to the overall look of each set of letters but i cant see thenm for the life of me. I demand a set of more simple sketches along with some older sketches to show progression. and if you could, some finished works. thank you, ill see you in the office on monday. beeter-demanding motherfucker to work for.
  5. Paranoid: Low Schizoid: Low Schizotypal: Low Antisocial: Low Borderline: Low Histrionic: Low Narcissistic: Low Avoidant: Low Dependent: Low Obsessive-Compulsive: Low im going to take this again, something has got to be wrong with me....
  6. good luck brother, sounds like its gonna be dope, holler back with how you are prgoressing....
  7. yeah i was kind of wondeing this myself, since i couldnt get anything out of silence in shadows...i figured somebody would start a thread to give me the answer i kind of already knew..., yay
  8. you will be very fucking glad you went with DV. Most cameras out there are good quality, well most 3chip cameras. Thats the only thing i would recommend is sticking with three chip. It's all preference after that, but i would nude you toward canon stuff. My collage has a digital video program that just rips man. They bring you from I movie to final cut pro in two semsters and also teach you how to produce your own professional dvd. You could just audit a class like that in your area, use your access to equipment and make your film that way. the reason that is good is because they have all the 'extras' that seem to really make you poor. like external mics, light stands etcetera..
  9. whoa, yeah, kettie, I was out walking around doing some small street shit and taking night photos not too long ago, and saw some chick get out of the shower and put lotion on. I'm sure it wasnt you, but its just weird you mention the blinds thing. This is the first time i've told anybody this actually....another weird occurence. bah, I'm off to bed, got a big day of photo critiques and screen cleaning tommorow. 'yay' :o
  10. bump for stupid awesome threads, and bump so caps responds to my question, holla!
  11. battle snatcher crapple freeze! gotcha! hey CAPS dog you still doing sprapex??? i didnt get an email back form you, I wanna or with MO. holler at a player
  12. I am combining the best of both of these images, I have my own method but would be interested in yours. if ya got it, let's hear it playa http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00226318f00000085.jpg'> http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00226318f00000084.jpg'>
  13. yeah im way tired, try to make some sense of that ^^^^
  14. propaganda, man im on the same level as you on similar shit it seems like. on the art shit, my dad has just recently started to promote himself as na artist and get galleries to show his stuff. This has happen in his late fourties, I think if you ar motivated to happen, you can do it now and be chillin like a villian by your his age, thats what i plan on doing.... we shoud talk more on this shit though man, hit my email or something
  15. dude, Im like, so bummed out right now. i was enjoying my pod today, and it was chilling in my bag while i was walking around. And when i pull it out after arriving at the homestead, the screen is all fucked up, it ust have been sitting next to my car keys or somehing with some magnetic superpowers in it....fuck, Im so stupid. ah well it still works, it just aint as pretty. damn the first day i had this shit.... check mail seeks BT
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