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  1. I respect blader's who do big shit. But punks who talk shit about skaters and blade, remember, just like my mom says: what, you need to be strapped to the wheels?!
  2. That is one sad fuckin bastard...
  3. Steal one from the scrap yard, put it in your backyard, and paint it all you've every wanted.
  4. nickonium9


    I don't care if it's not legible, as long as you know how to read it that's all that matters(that's what a handstyle's for). Try painting with that style, that's my advice.
  5. I like it...but the R doesn't fit the style, it changes.
  6. nickonium9


    I like 1. It actually looks reminiscent of my style, but I haven't tried 3d with it and my tips are really curved and pointed. I don't think you need to practice simples, your stuff is abstract, all they'll do is get you better at holding a pencil and cringing because what you draw will be so anti-aesthetic.
  7. I like the 2nd one. The first is pretty ok...I(no one will agree)like the handstyle. And the car is pimpin...but!--toooooo much puuuurrrple, gonna hurt people's eyes.
  8. nickonium9


    It's hard to see perfect...but it looks pretty tight, if you could post a better pic(larger, centered)it'd be appreciated.
  9. Don't finish the sketch, it's already finished, looks awesome.
  10. I like the giraffe, it's fuckin pimpin'.
  11. You fucked up a turntable, how dare you! Look up pics of shit before you draw them if you don't understand how to.
  12. That gator/gecko thing is fuckin awesome.
  13. nickonium9

    heres one

    I really feel bad for Jessica...whoever she may be...you have enough association to draw a shitty picture in honor of her...she should be oh so happy.
  14. "What are some of the most original graff-related question's you've been asked before and how have you answered them?"
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