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  1. WOW you really are full of yourself. I'll give kcr credit for putting some work in. but to say KBR is biting off you is a joke. Do ya really think that water and alke are biting off dren and ansr, NO. KBR is just as much of an established crew with probably more "history" behind it. Just because you have pictures of your work and know other writers doesn't mean shit, kosher has shit from aurora to delridge and everywhere in between but I don't see his stuff on here, ohh yeah it's not in your backyard is it.
  2. ImNotImportant InsightNeverIllusion Skale Revel Bler Yelloh friends can be included but I always knew it as only the 4. 206 never the less edit: It's not about individualism in INI, hence why you see mostly INI stufff not the individual writers, they aren't out for individual fame.
  3. It's good to post fliks but not all should be legal and all those have been posted before. Effort A Result D
  4. Never said they only bombed and I said that there are parts of their individual styles I'm not a fan of, but I respect them all.... and your'e a true bomber so which one of seattle's 5 are you cause you're not blink, kosher, or gustoe. and I know you not the other 2. you may think you're up but you're not, and yes there are only 5 straight up bombers in seattle.
  5. ^^^A prime example of a good piece. I don't do legals but if I did I only wish they could be that good. I stay on the streets where i'm comfterble. I don't have any visible beef with anyone in Seattle right now the only thing I got are some kids who like to run their mouth about what they're going to do not what they are doing and never what they have. peace to all those who don't care about what anyone says about their own style because there would never be progression in style or attitude if you didn't think like that.
  6. listen up SON: Daner and Pars are putting in work in, no question. I like pars stuff because it's not the normal shit you see everyday. Daner's stuff has a lot of style I think his legal work is some of the best around, illegally he has some of the best hands anywhere. His fills lack in my opinion but he makes for it in other places, he's a damn good writer. Also that kid trying to rag on blink, he's done more than you'll ever do. How come you "flash in the pan" legal writer kids seem to rag on taggers first. If it's not blink then you go after kosh or gustoe? they'll still be writing when in 2 years your experiment in urban culture is through, it's not all about 7 color burners to everybody.
  7. What's up with that grave...that's gotta be at least 4 years old, he hasn't been pushin dubs for a minute and ofa for a long time.
  8. Shit I dropped so many hint, it's gasworks. Somebody told me about tunnels underneath it and brought up 2ZC and said that it had been painted as recently as MADK and KYT heads in mid to late 90's. I hadn't heard that before like 2 weeks ago.
  9. Disco do you know anything about tunnels in seattle? Specificially ones that are under the only place with stuff still running from the mid 90's. If my description doesn't work think 4th of july. I just heard a rumor and I was thinking about taking a field trip below the earths sueface??
  10. If in WA it was BeSee, only one to come through I know of
  11. Re: eyeneye The more chill shit I see the less and less I respect you.
  12. I always have thought flare's tags looked like shit when they wern't all fucked up
  13. INI coming with the hotness is that blue one say siloe?
  14. Don't blow up spots the ice is thin enough already
  15. the best tag ever is still the "flare kfm" tag on madison next to dino's, anyone who knows the area knows there is always 15-20 gus chillin on the corner at all hours and there are always cops chilling in the parking lots just waiting for the next shooting. :looksindisco'sdirection:
  16. All those legal styles are really cool, and wow pars is really smashing with his work for Metro bus stops, stay on legals off the the steel. How does it feel to have half your trains hacked?
  17. Wow are you too trying to become a pirat toy soldier, remember all you have to do is be shitty and they'll accept you as one of their own. What a crappy roler it's not that big and seems to be in an extremly chill spot? why don't stay over in redmond at your legal walls because obvioulsy the actual grafitti isn't your thing.
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