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  1. WOW you really are full of yourself. I'll give kcr credit for putting some work in. but to say KBR is biting off you is a joke. Do ya really think that water and alke are biting off dren and ansr, NO. KBR is just as much of an established crew with probably more "history" behind it. Just because you have pictures of your work and know other writers doesn't mean shit, kosher has shit from aurora to delridge and everywhere in between but I don't see his stuff on here, ohh yeah it's not in your backyard is it.
  2. Yes it is clean and nice but goddamn it looks like SLIE, maybe it's just me
  3. Central District Killers...Cherry Union Alder Yesler duce eight folks
  4. TAKE is the thug of thugs, never really understood if ESKI was down but I guess her too.
  5. Just remember that for every member of BTM that you can name there are at a minnimum 4 people who claim BTM who either just thug or are writers who only write in blackbooks and paint only on a rare occasion. Not to take anything away from the crew but it's the problem with having a big crew not everyone will push hard. GOSA, LOHS, SHMEB, ERROZ, KRANG, REGAL................the list continues
  6. check the hack in the right and the old dubs in the left, that's some shit.
  7. You have too many fucking stories, lay off the caffiene
  8. you have the choice between throwing it into a wooded area, taking it to a transfer station, or you could put it into someone else trash can/dumpster. Also you can't dis on digging through trash, try and tell me you've never picked up some furniture you saw being thrown away?
  9. socrates


    It's not that I don't go outside, but when I'm out at club or a party or just kickin it, sometimes I just will all of a sudden not be able to take the sound of people's voices and walk off and sometimes walk for hours on end just to avoid being around anyone. And I don't really trust talking to any of my friends becuase most of them are immature, insecure, or too big of druggies to understand pain. The no to drugs thing is a beliefs thing, I don't believe in using perscription or over the counter drugs to solve things.
  10. socrates


    So I got diagnosed with depression about 3 years ago, but it is against my beliefs to take any type of medicene. So I've just kinda gone through the last couple years by meditating and hitting a punching bag. I've never really talked to anyone about what made me depressed and no one can really tell because I cover it with sarcasm. So I went back to the doctor about 2 weeks ago and he said that judging by my rapid mood swings I could be manic depressive, which scares me a little because it's not just something you can cure or will go away. And since I know that there are people on this board who've dealt with this type of stuff and worse, are there any good suggestions on what to do, I don't want to take meds but if this is a long term thing I think I might sacrafice to save myself.
  11. There have been a couple people on this board who would be at 10K or close to it by now who have been banned or changed names, I don't think anyone will get to it because it just means too much. also: what ever happened to FR8o had his car? I think I saw a picture of it once and almost ejaculated.
  12. ImNotImportant InsightNeverIllusion Skale Revel Bler Yelloh friends can be included but I always knew it as only the 4. 206 never the less edit: It's not about individualism in INI, hence why you see mostly INI stufff not the individual writers, they aren't out for individual fame.
  13. socrates

    Brass Knuckels

  14. Ma and my friends are of the competative nature when drunk so anything that's sounds like a good idea when drunk and add 4-7 guys and a prize the doesn't even make sense. trying to hop over a parked car, riding little scooters down a steep hill, trying to hop from house to pool or from house to trampoline to ??? trying to go all the way around on a swing, playing drunk basketball on a 7ft. hoop on a lynoleum(sp?) covered deck after rain....etc
  15. Well I'm confused about what this thread is really about but I watched "surf girls" on MTV and have come to the conclusion that humanity as a whole is screwed. I mean nothing can last forever......
  16. It's good to post fliks but not all should be legal and all those have been posted before. Effort A Result D
  17. you're a cunt who kept me up too many night and then it turns it out it's the middle of the day for your jolly euro ass.....cunt
  18. I'd so be top 5 by now..........:cry2:
  19. What the seeking think of the alder, I would have been passed him in posts had it not been for my smart mouth and smart's smart idea.
  20. I saw the mother on MSNBC and she was blaming the media and Jackass, is it really their fault that her son was a high school dropout with no employment? Who was stupid enough to jump off a 5 story building? Maybe she should take some responsibility for her son being a retarded fuck up who I can only hope becomea s a veggie so that he can't pro-create..... Alder/typing with a broken thumb
  21. Never said they only bombed and I said that there are parts of their individual styles I'm not a fan of, but I respect them all.... and your'e a true bomber so which one of seattle's 5 are you cause you're not blink, kosher, or gustoe. and I know you not the other 2. you may think you're up but you're not, and yes there are only 5 straight up bombers in seattle.
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