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  1. you cant choose the name... every xbox comes with one programed into it.
  2. i saw that one last night. the funny part was when the black wizard guy was eating a filet o' fish.
  3. JUWSE

    2 Basic Sketches

    keep practicing. keep it simple until you got it down...
  4. this thread is old news... someone please close it.
  5. JUWSE


    that about sums it up for me.:o
  6. lets face the facts... doggit will never replace mulder. whens the last episode? or did i miss it?
  7. JUWSE

    feeling shitty

    im going to barf.
  8. fix the 3d and just start out simple. master throws and your handstyle.
  9. yeah, keep sketching. i like a lot of it.
  10. today i skated all day until i broke a kingpin and had to walk 5 miles home... i plan on staying up until about 4am doing nothing. then waking up around 3 or 4pm with a headache. getting some paint, ink, and stickers... maybe getting caught because i cant run. ill just play it by ear.
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