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  1. make them alittle bigger next time...
  2. i believe.. im not too sure.. but i believe there was a bait train in my yard this week.. it was totally clean when it first got in.. i mean NOTHING.. not a tag not a piece.. not a throwie.. it stayed for a week.. . when it left it was crushed. CRUSHED. every other car was hit with some of the inbetween cars hit as well. alot of names i noticed acouple times. (by acouple.. i mean 3 or 4..) im going to find these kids and give them a firm talking to.
  3. what if writer A wants to paint a layup that writers xyz paint all the time.. and you have heard by some off chance that if they catch anyone there not down with crews 1 2 or 3 that said person will get fucked up. writer A doesnt necessarily enjoy knowing, talking, etc with other writers.. but he likes the spot.. and it isnt as though xyz actually watch thier numbers at said layup.. infact what they have there is quite a ridiculous amount.. writer A only wants to paint.. he doesnt want beef.. .. xyz or all well known as well... what should writer a do to not really be down with these writer
  4. yeah.. alot of kids have been using paint from sacramento.. you probably should find something else.
  5. kose is in jail all the time.. well.. prison now.. but.. i think its funny that he is in enough that he has 'free kose' shit from basically.. every year..
  6. i go by my own set of rules when it comes to religion.. i just believe there is something 'up' there.. if that isnt good for 'your god' i dont want to go anyway.
  7. the books are about how she used to be. pay attention.
  8. .... let me be the first to say shut the fuck up.
  9. i wouldnt take it if you gave it to me.. or maybe i would.. and then i would put x's on my hands and go to a straight edge party with my alcohol.. mmm.. alcohol..
  10. anyone who says they are high on life has no idea what high is.
  11. good luck.. i thought this was going to be another 'you people are all stupid and you dont post porn anymore so im leaving [but i will be back tomorrow]' thread. but yeah.. good luck.. have a great time.
  12. ok, heres the very short report.. its about a girls life that is depressed.. and her struggle.. or lack there of to get out of depression.. and everything she comes to realize along the way.
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