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  1. Yeah thats what I'm on about Rabiater. Thankyou. You make a lot of sense. Reducing the size of the notch reduces the paint intake and thus reduces the flow. Perhaps shortening the stem a couple of mm (cutting or sanding it down) would also work. Will let you know how it goes. Peace.
  2. Thanks rabiater. I see what you mean with reducing the aerosol pressure in the can and putting very little finger pressure on the cap. I still have this feeling in the back of my mind tho, that I once heard that you could achieve the same effect by putting something in the stem, thus reducing the flow of the paint. Same idea, different technique. But not to worry, I'll continue to experiment. If anyone else knows what I'm talking about, or has other cap modification techniques, feel free to add :)
  3. Can anybody share some knowledge re. how to modify caps to produce ultra skinny "pencil thin" lines... similar to the line work used in OsGemeos' characters. I assume the idea is to restrict the paint flow through the cap. Possibly by putting something in the stem. Any help would be appreciated. (Ps. I'm also aware that you can buy needle caps, but i'm interested in different ways of modifying everyday caps (skinnies and fats) not buying speciality caps)
  4. Askew. Can’t get enough! Q: I’ve noticed over the years some of your collabs have feat. Deus TMD RFC. One word, legend. I’m assuming you’re mates, which is why I thought I’d ask if you know of anywhere I can catch more of his work? Not being a kiwi local means I only really ever see his stuff, graff or fine(?), through your sharing. Was also wondering if you’re aware of the kind of artists, styles, comics, study etc. that have had an influence on him, speshly his characters and perspective work. Ps. Sorry to nerd out so hard, and cool if its not up for discussion, but I’m a graff geek down deep, and enjoy the education! I’ve attached some Askew/Deus stuff below for the viewing. Check the bouncing perspective in the house in the first one… sorta technical but loose, loving it! :) Peace.
  5. !CEBERG

    L.A. Scene

    YAY FOR L.A. I enjoyed those.
  6. :lol: I like seeking, but Smart's like the Judge Judy of this shit.
  7. I did this along time ago, but it's ok cause I don't look at this as a trend, and besides it just reminded me to bump my thread amidst all the flying emotions.
  8. I dunno, but yet I'm still around, what a funny... funny world I live i.... forum.
  9. !CEBERG


    uh oh... I done started some shit uppin this... an smart... ehhh, I know you don't like me, cause you call me gay an shit, but then you call me "icey"... Stop playing with my emotions. hmmm shoulda bumped this when MARLBORO RED was flexin his internet balls, ******** your up next, try to keep it in this thread an this thread alone, no one wants to see you cry like an oversized emo girl who just found out she was adopted and is really supposed to have only two breasts.
  10. The second person to make a thread dedicated to me, awww an I haven't made any for you, I feel bad now. Pistols right, far from my best. You lose, a winner is me! The irony of you being the only one stressing this "net beef" astounds me. I've seen the best of em (smart got me), I've seen the wost of em (actually I'm replying to my worst one yet)... but one thing remains the same... an it's iCEBERG http://www.all-creatures.org/aip/hug.jpg'> yo mic check one, mic check two wha... WHAT?@#! "I got so many dick riders my BallZ be Dragon like Goku"
  11. !CEBERG


    I think your getting ahead of yourself with all that complexity.
  12. atleast he's not from canada eh?
  13. !CEBERG


    Use the terraserver to get a general idea of whats goin on, print some shit out, possible spots or whatever. Wait till it warms up if you don't wanna do it in the cold... Grab a bookbag full of some budwieser or heinys, water, or whatever, a couple blunts, once again, or whatever, a bike and your boy, no cans caps etc. Get to a predetermined starting point and start riding along the tracks. This way if you do find something it looks like you been out for a bike ride anyways and are just passing through. You can even go cop those walkie talkie motorala joints for like less then 20 bucks that a few miles range on em. Those are basically essential to getting shit done the right way, an covering more then one route at once. make a day out of it, you don't wanna have to go back and retrace everything because the tracks split somewhere in the middle and you didn't have a chance to check out where they went or where they started. And just basically map out your whole area christopher columbous style. I take notes an shit on pretty much everything that would be usefull in any type of situations. Side trails, dugouts under tree roots that hang halfway off a hill, any place I can hide myself Nat Turner style incase some shit comes up I'd rather not be around for i.e. a bull spots you an calls the cops before you even knew there was one around. You should be able to have like 6 dudes with you an be able to point them all in the right direction seperatly if you have to split up and let the cops go running to nowhere, not yall. I'll gather info on a spot for a week or two before I even think of bringin a can on the property, cause if you know the area well enough, you pretty much control the outcome of any situatuion that comes up. Atleast in my experiences, I've never gotten into a situation I couldn't handle because of my thourough knowledge of the particular area I was working in. *edit* or you can find a group of old people thatjust like trains and their history and shit, you can usually find a club like this around your area, their common on the net, then just e-mail the organizer of the club asking about information pertaining to the local yards around the state and they'll be more then willing to help you find yard and give you the history behind pretty much anything that has to do with steel.
  14. !CEBERG


    ^ this man knows how to play the game I wouldn't have even bothered if his buttons weren't so easilly pushed... "YOU LITTLE FAGGOT ASS@#@!$" :lol: remind me of myself a little, yo yo... to much pride to let shit slide.... a little freestyle for ya... ohhhhh the irony...
  15. !CEBERG


    I've always wanted to try small amounts of it and believe I'll do so in the near future.
  16. !CEBERG


    Oh thank god... I didn't sleep at all last night. I've been doing that since I was 16... doesn't mean shit really, and it definatly doesan't vouch for someones maturity, you lose. That being said I'm gonna start a "Hugs For Net Thugs" fund to help people like you, with the same type of problems.
  17. !CEBERG


    I thought you said you were 25? Why do you carry yourself like an 11 year old? I still think your mom shoulda hugged you more...
  18. !CEBERG


    Yea I'm serious this time... just stop ok? Anything but quoting me in your "sig." because you didn't pick up on the sarcasm of the comment. I hope you don't do all your netbeef like this, you'd be the Mike Corleone of this shit... Me being in your "sig." means your officially on my nuts now right? This gangsta's serious, relax mang, I was playin, it all uhhh started as a joke man I swear, I mean c'moin... you can take a joke right? You didn't have to go bustin out your dreams and ambitions on me sheesh, take it easy there tiger... Just... just... put the keyboard down an step away from the edit signature option.... slowly...
  19. !CEBERG


    Don't get all emotional on me, I think your mom shoulda hugged you more when you were younger. http://www.unicornpoint.org/images/FunStuff/HUG.jpg'> I was never on T.T.'s nuts I don't think I defendid him once in this thread at all. An pullin the "get off the nuts" card is some corny shit. Get off my nuts. Your the one gettin all upset an shit, an sayin some dumb hit like "i been around the block more then you" blah blah blah That's some playground shit babyboy, you don't know me, keep throwin dirt cause your losin ground. 25 years old and you carry yourself like your 13, you can't even run your mouth right how you gonna run a business gangsta? Quit with the net beefin, I don't need this kinda stress in my life right now.
  20. !CEBERG


    Re: really, im sure tt can fight his own retorts. 25 an you carry yourself like this? 12oz's own rap star? :lol: Why you say this? So... that makes you... what? 12oz's 25 year old resident gangster? c'mon man, you just said your 25, in my book thats the age of a man, so act like a fuckin man, what you got net pride? You hold yourself above me yet you'll stoop down to try an protect your neck over some dumb shit, over you tryin to pull someones card about community service :lol:
  21. !CEBERG


    ohhh wow, this niggas ghetto You sound ignorant as fuck, actin like thats some shit you should hold high :lol: By your own standards I got you beat, but you don't see me waving that shit around relax youngin, your probably goin back with your petty hand to hands, I wouldn't doubt he got nabbed for some serious shit, cause he's a serious guy, not like you present yourself to be, shouldn't you be gettin harassed on the block my nizzle? that shit ain't gangster gettin arrested ain't gangsta... especially one some hand to hand block level bullshit... it's fuckin stupid "i feel sorry for your mother"
  22. I haven't seen you do anything but run around whining like a little fucking girl. However, I was entertained by your first comment... But why do you feel the need to cry like a little bitch in every thread I've seen for the past 3 weeks about how gay 12oz is? Do you feel as if your doing us a service? Without you 12oz will go on, so don't feel the need to stick around in order to keep this thing together ya heard?
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