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  1. definitely not the king of philly..... mad, on some real shit, doesn't rock enough street shit to king philly...point blank... rocks endless fr8s, and rocks piece spots all day, but in philly street shit comes here and there for him. someone should start a ESC thread or a KID thread.......now theres a closer KING of philly, hands down. if u live in philly u know. its hard to keep motavated, when anti is on top of there game. hurting more feelings than a lil bit.
  2. looks like DRIZZZZZWIZZIE the boy DROPE......good shit.
  3. DatzwhutzuP


    ad and kid tanker....esc and the rest were all good catches
  4. gsouth colt45 phone jade esc.......
  5. just some esc shit from all over
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