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  1. HOW DARE YOU GO OVER KRAVE STUFF NOW IS WAR NUSE :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: Quoted post [/b] BKAES DONT PAINT WITH AV IF THEY STILL WANT TO BE DOWN!
  2. post this spot as of today... BUT SINCE JADE AND DAMIT ARE NOT IN HOUSTON... THAT IS NO LONGER THE CASE Quoted post I'm sorry but jade and damet aren't the only people in dts just in case you havnt been paying attention. Quoted post THE ONLY ONES THAT ACTUALLY GOT UP.......HAHAHAHAHAHA! :love2: Quoted post Wow, have you been in a coma? Or are you in denile of the fact that DTS has been around and continues to get up? Either that or maybe your just blind. Quoted post [/b]
  3. =Eliminate Toy Bitches.= =US=BKF=ETB= =California 2 Texas=
  4. houston is shit. the art crawl wall is fuckin lame...not one good writer is painting houston now.....rip
  5. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400442754_005P.jpg'> http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400442754_004P.jpg'> from metal heads...bitch please..
  6. all city. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/12/stamp_original/111220024565242.jpg'> poet. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/6/stamp_original/1106200212500817.jpg'> manias. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/11/stamp_original/111120026392849.jpg'> poetics. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/11/stamp_original/111120026372972.jpg'> poet. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/11/stamp_original/111120025034073.jpg another.toy.krew. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/11/stamp_original/111120025033926.jpg'> mania. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/10/stamp_original/1110200211273511.jpg'> tragikkk.http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2002/November/11/stamp_original/111120026500467.jpg'> all.the.kingzzz
  7. my ribs hurt.... fuck me.
  8. the sp flat makes my cock hard
  9. that samo takes the cake.where is it from?
  10. well... maybe not...oh yea.fuck you 2.
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