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  1. i just missed a political painter the other day, i walked by a billboard, then like 3 hours later i went by it again, and someone paint" war means you lose" i was looking around trying to find the person, if i had a scanner id take a pic and put it up but i dont sorry
  2. other is so sick, but altogether ill post
  3. thats nuts, the commercial plane, if anyone tryed that now, you'd be a terrorist
  4. lots of good shit, "the vandal that hates people"'s funny
  5. giant, amaze, and rebel made me forget the other ones i liked, he definitely is the king of trucks just from what i saw
  6. Prismacillor

    Yard Safety

    yeah i almost got bagged 2 nights ago, ive been going to this yard for about 2 years, always chill, but the other night i have a cop car rolling on a bridge by me with a spotlight, then it went by and i went down the tracks away from the bridge more and hid, then im watching cops with flashlights all around where i was, then i have even more lights(the car spotlight) all around the whole line of trains i was hiding behind,i just stayed hidden for a bout an hour tille they left, then another 20minuted just to make sure, shit, the morale of the story is, no matter how many precautions your taking in your yard, u never know if theres other people not taking these precautions and blowing up your spot, so everyone needs to know how to take care of your spot and even as careful as you are, always expect your yard being hot and have everything(paint,bag,beer,whatever) ready to go
  7. kabar thanks , i understand the yard situation, but i was just saying, sometimes cops do roll up on you, hidden themselves, ive stayed a step ahead of em so far, but i also usually have a reason to be out too, work, or a couple of other excuses, but thats just cause i know my city, so if i was at another place, i wouldnt have as many excuses, but i guess ill deal with it when it happens......
  8. its usually pretty nice if it snowed that day and stopped for a little while, cause it usually seems warmer, as long as its not windy as hell,but yeah bring a towel definitely, i tried the other night with out one, and i had to put a lot of paint on, and it looked horrible the next day, it wasnt all out ice, but like crystals on it, frost type shit, oh well, some nights arent too bad, but the bad ones are usually real bad, no inbetween
  9. kabar, i have a question, im in the process of reading this thread, so if this was already answered, im sorry, but ive been thinking of doing some traveling soon, but say i got off a train, and im walking into another city or something like that, and im stopped and a cop asks me where im coming from, i mean im sure i can think of something, but it would be pretty difficult when im not familiar with the area and where exactly im even going, and im sure not going to say yeah i just got off a train, and especially when its late, whats my business around where i am? its just something i was thinking about, cause i dont get stopped around where i am, but if im in a little town or something, its definitely a possiblity. thanx
  10. the microns are the best for detailed shit ,they wont bleed, and they'll stay black forever, i used a few pens that the ink turns green after a year or two, but the microns never change color, plus the different sizes is nice. there around 2 bucks if your going to pay for them
  11. wherever you found that shit, you should have left it there
  12. and everyone that posted shit, nice work, keep it up
  13. lets keep this thread going, im haveing a friend of mine post a pic of my sketch and final piece soon, so bump this shit back up
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