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  1. name some of them shits....
  2. that isto is the dopest thing i ever saw in my life the one that says "stress" is too fuckin sick pease
  3. this is some seriously dope shit
  4. the most impressive shit ive ever seen.. this dude is on some next level shit
  5. i do a lot of little marker tags and sticker work during the day but ive only hit an up spot during the day once... shit was fun i plan on doing that more often
  6. dope dudes shit is dope as hell bump!
  7. im talkin about writers that put in some much work that no one could ever use the same name anywhere Saber JA
  8. most kids today that i know either have no opinion or like it... so i think that the apathetic group of people today would hate it when they grow older it would take a long time for the young generation of kids that like it would be the majority and lead to a aceptance
  9. open1


    vent is a big inspiration hell yeah u see his shit every where... i think its VERY SAFE to say either him or Kids is on EVERY single dumpster in pittsburgh big up
  10. fuck yeah bumpity bump sens nigga holla at me
  11. open1

    Police Cars?

    bump that shit that movie is illin fuck the police
  12. bump that that toss up is fuckin sick
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