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  1. Sinister

    Who's Hotter?

    I'm gonna have to go with Anna on this one though Shakira has that fukin thing she does with her hips and ass. Jessica Alba has got the lips too though...so many decisions...can't make up my mind.
  2. Truly tragic that someone with so much talent goes like that. At least we have the great music to remember him by. We'll always have that.
  3. Sinister


    Wheres the Samurai Showdown! that game had me hooked, but yeah Metal Slug is dope and so is the King of Monsters game when you're fightin others. My bad I didn't see the showdown the first time I looked. That game is the shit, I envy you for that one-PS2 is fun, but it doesn't have the samurai showdown. I'm still lookin for a really fun fightin game for PS2, Virtua Fighter was boring as hell...
  4. Sinister

    so who is...

    HS was a blast, lots of alcohol and drugs, but I wish I woulda fuct more chix cuz when you get older you realize that was your chance to get the best, freshest snatch. When you get over twenty there is no more virgins in the world and you're lucky to have a chick that has slept with less than like 5 other dudes. So you high schoolers, go to them parties and have fun, get with them drunk girls that can't handle two beers, you'll be glad you did later in life....take it from experience.
  5. yeah chix that kiss with eyes open weird me out too. Its like they're not into it or whatever. that can do whatever they want with their eyes when I'm stickin em though.
  6. He died of fukin too much nasty hoes...can't blame him though if its always in your face you gotta do somethin wit it. He was a playa fo real.
  7. I'm thinkin second one is Krylon Pacific blue because its lighter and not as thick. I use a fair amount of that color and I think thats what it would look like on a brick wall. peace
  8. no shit, who wouldn't. I liked the depressed wacked look in wild things. that one scene with her and the other was off the hook. I'd make that bitch scream for sure.
  9. yeah, I'm feelin that first one-nice work, the last pic doesn't thrill me though, coulda done without that. props dough...
  10. Spokane actually has some dope writers-just not known as much as Seattle. Theres actually two more pieces to go with that Arby and Caroe-all of em were sic as hell.
  11. Sinister


    nice pak, wholecars rule!
  12. Hey I'm white and I know rich ass black, mexicans whatever. I think it all depends on what social background you grow up in. I know a lot of cool white kids and I know a ton of cool mexicans. Don't label everyone that falls under a color.
  13. Sinister

    NTN - Flix

    that shitss pretty tite man-nice characters, I'm feelin it. peace
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