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  1. ok i been taking flicks for a while, so i went through and found a bunch of depte flicks i've taken. some yuo've seen alredy because other people already copied them, others haven't been on here in a while. i got hundreds of more flicks to go through, and i'm sure there are more so i'll try and get em up. i also tossed an old kize i found recently.











  2. Depte tags just seemed to be an everyday part of the landscape, I mean his stuff was all over the place. his name is a name that anyone involved in graff knows.

    i enjoyed seeing his work and will miss his damage. RIP

  3. Originally posted by P0rn0KinG@Jun 29 2005, 09:35 AM

    sigh -


    you do have nice posts. i get a little sick of the black and white, and the odd talking. but you have been doing the "odd" talking consistently. i'll give you that.


  4. Originally posted by T.T Boy@May 23 2005, 03:21 AM

    whats wrong with black montana?

    too bad hes not wearing size 50 xxxxl fubu pants, that would make him a real writer right?



    agrred, what hes not hiphop enuff....fuking toys

  5. quick poll:

    what are the best paint markers to use on canvas? i've had some really shitty ones, and don't wanna waste my time no more...advice is appreciatted....


    digging the latest stuff in here, one of my favorite threads

  6. man some people got big mouths about what they think all "yanks" think graff anywhere but the US is. your a f**king fool and your ignorent for saying that. you know who you are. in fact...i'm not over 18, i'm over 25 so don't assume what all yanks think big mouth.



    Nice post by the way

  7. call me a fool if you will, but i have a question, yesterday i was bored, had an old bottle of black griffin sitting around. so i took this wack ass magnum and put a hole on one end and dumped the griffin in. it seems wetter i guess. any suggestions on how to realy get the flow going on this marker?????

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