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Everything posted by Ms.Bombastic

  1. Ms.Bombastic

    Imma Smoker Imma Joker

    Imma midnight toker....I play my music in the sun... gotta love steve miller band.. ...I really love your peaches won't u shake your treeeeeeeeeee!
  2. Ms.Bombastic


    its cool brutha...
  3. Ms.Bombastic


    I havent been reemed a new asshole yet? whats the deal? are you guys slippin?
  4. Ms.Bombastic


    ha... well this wall is under a bridge where some homeless people were living...and they had their little bonfire right up against the wall...so the smoke pretty much destroyed the piece that I painted over...Plus underneath what I painted...It said Sur 13 and I'm sure you know what that is...so I didnt disrespect that writer entirely....
  5. Ms.Bombastic


  6. Ms.Bombastic


    FLickisis :D
  7. Ms.Bombastic


    Oh FUCKING MY ..
  8. Ms.Bombastic

    A Tribute to Toys and Writers

    As 'jocking' as this may seem..... I'm someone who is totally ecstatic over graffiti...and as toy behavior as that may be....FUCK IT....because I LOVE GRAF! I love walking down a street or alley and BAM! a piece by my favorite writer. It's like finding a hidden treasure. It's something I get totally excited about. I'd heard stories about this spunky little chick, and her swirly style and the fact that she's a she, and worked hard to gain the respect of her male counterparts...I'd seen her shit on a local site...When I found my first Silo piece it brought a whole new meaning to painting and seeing her work for the first time in real life was a breathtaking experience. She inspired me... Recently I came across an old tunnel filled with Jugs pieces...damn that was a good day...I love those finds. I love that I can go anywhere in this city and find a Jugs piece. I hear he doesn't write anymore, damn that was shitty news! Jugs is a good lesson in motivation....When I see his shit, I just want to go out and paint... I gotta love the writer that I still look up to even though he crossed the fuck out of my shit in a certain yard(and shall remain nameless,***). It's lessons like that which teach me about ambition, and about being ambitious at the right time. Anyway the point...the point is that all of you writers who have been around, you have people that look up to you...who enjoy your art. Kids like me that are inspired, motivated and ambitious because of you. Kids who you call and refer to as "toys" whom often picked up their first can because of something of yours they saw. Writers like you give us something to look forward too. We look forward to finding your work in some assed out alley. We look forward to the day we get to meet you, or paint next to you. So just realize despite your enormous tempermental egos, we appreciate your art because it does something for us and it got us to go out and do something....and I also appreciate the fact that you've made my bedroom a much prettier place! Seriously, I know alot of you are bastards, but regardless of shitty attitudes I can't deny the beauty of your work, so Thanks. ohyeah P>S> um, Jugs if you like hopefully just have amnesia or something and u just forgot where to find paint...let me know and I'll drop some by for ya....I REALLY HATE THAT YOU QUIT PAINTING!:crazy: :crazy:
  9. I dedicate this to my bubbleheadedness The Oyster There once was an oyster Whose story I tell, Who found that some sand Had got into his shell. It was only a grain, But it gave him great pain. For oysters have feelings Although they're so plain. Now did he berate The harsh workings of fate That had brought him to To such a deplorable state? Did he curse the government, Cry for election, And claim that the sea should Have given him protection? No- he said to himself As he lay on a shell Since I cannot remove it. I shall try to improve it Now the years rolled around, As the years often do, and he came to his ultimate Destiny- stew. And the small grain of sand That had bothered him so Was a beautiful pearl All richly aglow. Now the tale has a moral; For isn't it grand What an oyster can do With a morsel of sand? What couldn't we do If we'd only begin With some of the things That get under our skin.
  10. Ms.Bombastic

    Boob ink?

    So...you know those tat's people get around their belly button...ususally they are design of some kind....well I'm considering getting one...but on one of my boobs instead of around my belly button....The design will just be around the outside of the nipple...I'd say medium sized (it doesn't take up the whole boob) Now here's my thing...My tits are my SPOT and I don't want to do anything that might make a guy not want to touch them...so what I want to know is do you think it would be sexy or tats aren't for tits?:crazy:
  11. Ms.Bombastic

    I'm An Alcoholic...

    i'm a bluntaholic not much for drinkin....well except Cuervo
  12. Ms.Bombastic

    people on this board...

    hey ICEY it's me...and Imma just say...ya know...wink wink... i think we understand each other....
  13. Ms.Bombastic

    dress code...

    so...tell that kid to lick your shoes
  14. Ms.Bombastic


    Beer bongs are ill, they get u phucked up quick....but i wouldn't recommend a 40...(not all at once anyway)...
  15. Ms.Bombastic

    What's up with the Fro's?

    The best 'fro' is the red headed girl in Dazed&Confused.... no...Einstein.. NO NO!!! DON KING!!! no...I'm stickin with the red headed girl.
  16. Ms.Bombastic

    things that arrouse me.

    The title of the post is things that arouse me...
  17. Ms.Bombastic

    things that arrouse me.

    goatees (how u spell that shit?) mens forearms(when muscular, like a guitar players) Victoria Secret Pear Glace summer days tans Khakis or cargo pants paint stained clothes hats massages tongues tats piercings white socks bubblebaths Britney Spears(don't lie that girl is HOT!) Wuv from POD rain camp fire the beach Hotels Scary movies(not to be confused with scary movie) smooth skin
  18. Ms.Bombastic

    rice krispy treats

    Beardo...u said the magic word(s)!
  19. Ms.Bombastic


    What I've seen of marriage is nothing worth wanting...
  20. Ms.Bombastic

    the catcher in the rye

    word! and 'To Kill A Mockingbird"
  21. Ms.Bombastic

    The Quarterly Body Modification and homosexual oral sex post

    I give mad propls to anyone who would chop off a piece of there body.... they're obviously BELIEVING in some shit for real....or just sr8 up fuckin bonkers may the fuckin force be with them...
  22. Ms.Bombastic

    some things i like, and why.

    My digs: 1 Johnny Rotten....I love that dudes eyes... 2 Dopey from the seven dwarves 3Edgar Allen Poe...nothin' says lovin better 4Ben&Jerrys Phish Food...sigh 5Subway sandwhiches 6Stephen King 7Black and white photography 8My etnies (which are torn to shit and I still where them) 9 The color yellow 10Old cars.........fuck yes!
  23. Ms.Bombastic

    favorite artists

    Dali, Chagall, my 2 favorite paintings ever are by Turner and Van Gogh Jackson Pollack is cool too
  24. Ms.Bombastic

    Magical Peanut Butter Hair Show?...

    oh shit..I forgot all about that movie...
  25. Ms.Bombastic

    boring people that talk to much

    if someone was willing to come and just shoot someone why not just have them shoot her in the face